1. Spencer Brezlin

    Looking for Ephinea Artists

    Hi everyone, I'm getting ready to campaign in 2020 and I need Ephinea's help. I am working with some artists from around the internet and I need an official Ephinea artists to help work on some propaganda. I have some funding set aside to compensate you for your time. Please message me if you...
  2. Spencer Brezlin

    Vote Real Brez For Prez

  3. Spencer Brezlin

    I was boo'ed off stage at a coffee shop...

  4. Spencer Brezlin

    Did I ever tell you guys about the time I met Jon Turteltaub?

    It didn't go over very well...
  5. Spencer Brezlin

    The Real Brezlin is here, and he's running for Prezlin

    That's right ladies and gentlemen, you've been blessed with the best. The brezlin himself has bestowed upon you with his benevolent blump bombastic banter. #BlessedBrez