1. Spuz

    E4 Boss Guide

    Boss Fight: ----- If you are on your FO in the cave and he retreats, with 1+ crystals not destroyed you can try and destroy them with grants as he retreats. It has super long-range so easy to get a quick snipe and it is after all the biggest weakness the boss has. RA can try to HS Zerk...
  2. R

    De Rol Le Boss HP Bar Bug/Glitch

    Me and my friends partied up this week, Wednesday 09/26/2018, and when we fought the boss the HP bar did not move in terms of damage we were outputting on De Rol Le. It happened again last night to my friends when they went to clear the caves boss again on their own. Just wanted to make sure...
  3. Fire AKA Drazn

    PSOBB Client Addresses for Invincibility Frames and Set Damage Boss Attacks

    See title, would like to know where these settings are inside the client.exe, and if they can even be changed.