1. Erebea

    A>BLACK HOUND CUIRASS [30/30|0/0] [0S] chb 5 done

    RES: 1 pd Countdown: 48 Hours Resets: 24 Hours
  2. Detourist

    Blacked out images in bmp folder!?

    My /EphineaPSO/bmp folder has every screenshot I've taken since I started but they're all just solid black when I see them as thumbnails and no matter what I try to open them with. Anyone have a clue why this would be happening?
  3. A

    Black screen after exiting PSOBB.

    Every time I exit the game, instead of returning to the desktop, the game stays in a black screen. The only solution is to reset the computer. In fact, just by opening the Ephinea menu and then exiting without playing, my computer starst acting weird and eventually stops responding. Any ideas?