beat time

  1. brionac

    Swatch Internet Time Guide

    This will be a quick summary on internet time, or .beat time since most of it is explained here from Wikipedia anyways. There is not much to add other than what equipment is related to this unique feature of the game, so this will be a quick guide for beginners to understand easily. You can also...
  2. A

    Beat time to Eastern standard time conversion for HS/HP

    Posting this to make it easy for people to change beat time to their time zone. EST (Eastern Standard Time) 7 pm-000 beat/1000 beats (Divine Punishment) 9:24 pm-100 beats (Berserk) 11:48 pm-200 beats (Divine) 2:12 am-300 beats (Berserk) 4:36 am-400 beats (Divine) 7 am-500 beats (Berserk) 9:24...