1. PSU Red Ring Rico Cosplay

    PSU Red Ring Rico Cosplay

    Red Ring Rico's outfit is pretty close to how it was in the concept art, although I can't get the highlight like she has in her hair, her glasses with her haircut, or the stockings to match up color-wise. Pretty good for the most part, but could've used a little work.
  2. PSU RAcaseal Cosplay

    PSU RAcaseal Cosplay

    Due to PSU's limited color selection for casts, pink isn't an option so I can't recreate the RAcaseal from the concept art like I can with HUcaseal. It doesn't even do the red palette swaps from PSO much justice, either. But I appreciate RAcl parts being in the game.
  3. PSU HUcaseal Cosplay

    PSU HUcaseal Cosplay

    There's many classic PSO outfits in PSU and this is one of the best of them. The colors and style capture the aesthetic of HUcaseal's concept art very well, although there are differences between this model and the one in PSO. Overall it is very faithful to the original.