1. Spuz

    S> Bits (PC/Essential Units/ADR/MeMe)

    S> Photon Crystals x78 @1:1 V101 x3 (25pd) V801 (10pd) Anti-Dark Ring x2 (12pd) TypeME/Mechgun [Berserk] [0/0/0/0|40] (10pd)
  2. Spuz

    TE/ADR Guide

    Tyrells Ego Wiki Killing all 1055 enemies within the 1-hour time limit can be tough, especially with a lack of hidden spawn knowledge so I made this. Tips: Count Format: The format in which the numbers are displayed are as follows- Only number: Amount required to open door or finish room...
  3. Esther

    Full Tyrell's Ego Run (ADR Run) [Full]

    Heyo! I'm looking for a full ego run. This'll be my second ADR. Thanks! Discord = Spiritaph#8177 So far the crew consists of: closed In-Game Name (Class) - Discord) 1) Spirit (FO) - Spiritaph 2) Godric (RA) - ketchupgeek 3) Spuz (???) - Spuz 4) Klekt (HU) - Klekt The quest is going to assumed...
  4. Lorick

    B> Anti-Dark Ring

    Anyone selling one?