1. Arsuru

    Arsuru's Instant Unsealing

    Items do their best now and are unsealing. Please watch warmly until it is ready. Status: Instant: Limiter - Accepting Swordsman Lore - Accepting Lame d'Argent - Accepting Sealed J-Sword - Accepting Order: Lame d'Argent - Not Accepting Sealed J-Sword - Not Accepting How it works: Units: You...
  2. Forsaken16

    B> V502 for 40 PDS!!! , V501, Heaven Striker Coat (mag cell) || Done found all ty

    Will pay very well for the V502. 40 PD's! Will pay 6 for the 501 Easiest way is to message me on discord! Forsaken#0744 But i will still be checking this daily and my messages as well! Thank you! If my prices don't match what you are looking for, please let me know and we can work something...
  3. Tenyo2

    B>POSS, Spread Needle

    Looking for the following items: Proof of Sword Saint - 40pds Spread Needle w/ Hit V502 - 35 Paying in PDs. PM me or talk to me on Discord. D.#2562
  4. M

    S>Red Ring 4/85 3/25- SOLD

    Selling 4/85 3/25 Red Ring Wants: Adept PD's Magical Piece Ignition Cloak Three Seals Offers Accepted, RAcast item's needed aswell