1. brionac

    PSOBB Program Window Tips

    User Account Controls Tip Do you hate it when the screen dims with a prompt while you're game is running, and do you notice that you keep having to close out the game because of a Direct3D device error window popping-up immediately after opening a random exe to install something or open that...
  2. fare67t

    Potential account issue

    Hello. I don't know if this server works like Schthack does with its "auto-account deletion" thing (or if i'm just stupid), but... I tried logging into the game (via ingame user ID / Pass login) after like...months of hiatus, and it tells me Wrong User ID / Password. So... 2 things: 1. Is my...
  3. Are you sure you don't see this?

    Are you sure you don't see this?

    Sorry if this shouldn't be here, I uploaded this so I could clarify something with a few people.