30 techs

  1. kanae

    a> zonde 30

    minimum: 20pds countdown: 24 hours
  2. A

    Auction Tech Disk: Grants 30 (Done)

    This is the auction for selling the Technique disk of Grants: Lvl 30 The minimum bid : 40 PD's After the minimum bid, the countdown will start of 72 hours. A bid during the last 24 hours extends the bid by 24 hours. Succes at bidding, I hope you'll get it! Much love, from Aria
  3. Evil Ryu

    A>Razonde 30

    Res: 100pds in value Wants: Heaven Striker w/hit N/D Excal N/D or native/hit Red Ring Spread Needle w/hit S-Beat's Blade w/50 hit S-Rank Needles with name (Hell, Berserk) Charge Vulcans 55+ hit Charge Diska 55+ hit Charge Gungnir 55+ hit v502 v101 Mind Sato/Pure Mind Mag (2-3pds worth) Power...