1. phelix

    Lame d'Argent [0/0/0/0|20] (Done 50pd)

    It's good enough to sphere I promise res: 50pd countdown: 24h
  2. Firkraag

    PDA> Lame d'Argent [0/0/0/0|20] [SOLD]

    SOLD! for 75 pd Reserve: 75 pd Countdown: 48 Hours
  3. Firkraag

    PDA> Heaven Striker [0/0/0/0|20] [SOLD]

    SOLD! for 65 pd Reserve: 50 pd Countdown: 48 Hours
  4. VENOM

    PDA> 0/0/0/0/20 Excalibur (sold 83pd)

    Make your job with lizards a bit easier with room for native. Only currency/wants accepted PDs/PH PS (90pd value) V502 at 33pd value Eggs 2:1pd Reserve: 50pd Buy-out: 130pd Please bid in increments of at least 5pd 48h countdown from first bid, with each new bid resetting 24h countdown.
  5. Firkraag

    A> Heaven Striker [0/20/0/25|20] [DONE]

    SOLD! to @sunbeams for 120 pd Reserve: 50 pd Countdown: 48 Hours __________ CHB: 120 PD
  6. Spuz

    PDA> Rambling May 20h (Done)

    30b, 20h Reserve: 10pds