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  1. Celestra

    XRD Rev 1 Palace/Spaceship music

    Not sure if this is intentional, but I'm not hearing any background music when you get to the special areas of the new Quest. I like the new quest, very fun!
  2. Celestra

    Didn't get xmas coal

    Ran a Fiasco on ult today...when i talked to the NPC after quest, it said I had got 4 coal and then I went to the desk to exit and it said I got 32000 meseta. I think I got the meseta, but there was no coal in my inventory or bank. Gonna try again, maybe I'll get my coal this time.
  3. Celestra

    Soundtrack mods/VG music chat

    In this thread, post and/or discuss your PSOBB soundtrack mods and chat about video game music in general. I've been putting this thread off for a long time but after a killer discussion online with some other PSO players, I need to share. To start: one of my favorite tunes of all time; Time of...
  4. Celestra

    B> DF Shield

    I'm in need of a DF shield. Will buy for PD's, please PM or post in this thread if you are willing to sell one. Or hit me up when I'm online if you see me: RappyMaid, RappyStar or RappyLove.
  5. Celestra

    B > 2nd Anniversary Silver Medal

    I wanted one of these just for the sake of having one, since I've got last year's Gold and Bronze. I'm willing to pay 3 Photon Drops, please reply here or message me if you're willing to sell. Thanks! -Celestra
  6. Celestra

    Team Rappy (Home)

    This thread is the official home of Team Rappy in the forums. If you can't get a hold of me in-game, post any questions, comments, etc. here and i'll get to you when I can. More to come... Edit: After the Jukebox Update last year, I was stoked that they chose one of my songs! It's now the...
  7. Celestra

    3rd Anniversary platinum badge (auction)

    On the advice of my fellow hunters, I'm auctioning off the Platinum Badge I just won during the anniversary event. To keep the auction fair, I will accept bids of Photon Drops/Spheres only. This Auction will run until Monday 2359 hrs (11:59pm) Eastern Time. Let the bidding begin! :D Click for...