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    Phantasy Star Online Episode III Server

    Well even if you did get it to work, you'll be playing a game that is not PSO Episode III.
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    Server maintenance complete for November 18th, 2023 (サーバメンテナンス完了 11/19)

    I would like thank you and all the people involved for providing a wonderful update. I can really see this allowing the community to grow in more positive matter, rather than how it was before. But I also want to thank you guys for the huge amount of updates from the past as well. (I...
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    A> Lavis Cannon [0/0/0/15 | 20]

    If I am looking at the time correctly, you are the winner. Congrats.
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    A> Lavis Cannon [0/0/0/15 | 20]

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    A> Lavis Cannon [0/0/0/15 | 20]

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    A> Lavis Cannon [0/0/0/15 | 20]

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    A> Lavis Cannon [0/0/0/15 | 20]

    chb, 48hr countdown starts
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    A> Lavis Cannon [0/0/0/15 | 20]

    wow a video? eyy look funny image now to type something funny in text form: "videogames" and something something rappy doll and something something rappy doll --- well your least favorite player is back to auction a weapon so here usual stuff: Wants: PDs/PHs Dark Flow set (RL stats...
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    PSO2 drop style questionnaire for the community

    Every time I see PSO2 drop style I immediately think of PSZero as that was the first game to finally have client-side drops rather than share drops. But most would call it PSO2 drop style anyway. So back when Schthack push out the public release of SchtBB (Late2006) he would implement the...
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    The Gizonde Glitch

    Well you saved me from having make a comic about it. Thank you.
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    @lostbob117 Just want to say thanks for maintaining that awesome website PSUBlog. You and your...

    @lostbob117 Just want to say thanks for maintaining that awesome website PSUBlog. You and your team are awesome.
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    Is it possible to get Genpei?

    It's always from an event and not from a drop table. Such as: Your best bet is to buy/trade from other players that might have one for now.
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    Im worried about the future of this server.

    Do you ever think of the opposite? Where western release of PSO2 has potential to (re-)introduce people into the older PSO games such as this server and many others? How about those who would try western PSO2 only then to be disappointed and go back to the old PSO? If anything, the more players...
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    Santa HUcast's coming to town

    A friend.
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    Please play Phantasy Star Online

    It's encouraged that you play this soundtrack within the background while you read the original post:
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    A> Charge Arms 40/35/0/0/55

    15 PDs
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    B> 12 Gold badges for 12 PDs (Done.)

    Trade is complete.
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    PDA> Lavis Cannon 30/20/20/0|0h

    20 PDs
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    A> Liberta Kit. [Done}

    yes ;)
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    A> Liberta Kit. [Done}

    CHB 24 HR reset