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  1. Kasmeen

    ekoes trade list

    hello! Do you still have a heaven striker coat available? and if so, how much for one?<3
  2. Kasmeen

    Kas's Corner!

    Not a whole lot here so far, but I'll be updating it with anything interesting I come across! Reply here or message me on discord (Kasmeen)! Selling Buying
  3. Kasmeen

    All bought!

    Feel free to reply here or message me on discord (Kasmeen)! I'm more likely to see discord first, though! Ty<3
  4. Kasmeen

    S> Claire's Deal 5 commons (and caduceus)

    S> Seize Launcher - 3pd King's Striker - 3pd Soul Edge - 3pd Heart Wand - 1pd Draw Mace - 1pd Caduceus - 1pd reply here or PM me on discord (Kasmeen)! <3