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  1. Slick

    How to create a 12/188/0/0 Mag

    I started this as a ranger and got to level 35 but i have a question i'd like to ask before i go and ruin things lol. If i were to pass on this lvl 35 ranger mag to a hunter would i be able to resume feeding mm's without banking like the ranger or would i have to bank after each feed as a hunter...
  2. Slick

    The Cyclops Team - casual, voice-based hunting! (inactive currently)

    Trying to get in a team but my timezone is pretty shitastic :c (EST) Can i join? >.> I'm hot garbage at this game but i try to get on when time allows
  3. Slick

    Team Monolith

    i'll be on after 6 pm EST time! :D Look for ramar named Rei
  4. Slick

    Introducing the PSO Rebalance Project: PSOBB REBORN

    ugh the changes are getting better and better <3 me likey :D
  5. Slick

    Team Monolith

    May i Join the club?? >.> switched back from hardcore because i'm a ninny :c
  6. Slick

    What do you typically do on a fresh char?

    I love raising mags so that's usually my goal. One person full clears and getting soul eater come after and maybe a dash of PW for the chance at starter rares. What's your poison hunters?
  7. Amplifier Of Barta Get

    Amplifier Of Barta Get

    new char new toys!
  8. Slick

    Introducing the PSO Rebalance Project: PSOBB REBORN

    Really interested in this! Fantastic work keep it going this sounds very promising!
  9. Slick

    How much meseta do you bet on Coren?

    Always roll 10,000 and always get shit cx rip 2 max meseta stacks
  10. Slick

    Quick question - Quick answer

    Is there a guide for avoiding damage from bosses in Ultimate? Havn't touched ultimate bosses on my HC bc im too sloppy so any advice or tips will do.
  11. Slick

    PSOBB Post-Processing

    If I use the PSOBB ENB can I use every .txt or is only one possible without screwing my game royally?
  12. Slick

    PC> couple things

    Angry Fist 25/0/20/0/ 20 hit Amplifier of Barta Tablet Custom Frame Ver.00 That's all of em!
  13. Slick

    Merry Christmas everybody!

    Merry Christmas everybody!
  14. Slick

    Just got a v101 from a present while hunting frozen shooter : 3

    Just got a v101 from a present while hunting frozen shooter : 3
  15. Slick

    So how do you feel about the TypeM weapons with specials?

    I don't see an issue with the change personally. The thought of a unique item being slightly more usable is appealing. If possible i think a set of different color variations for rares and non rares would be pretty neat since i'm all about that fashion lol. Anything to keep an old gem shine but...
  16. Slick

    Need a Challenge mode mentor

    anybody want to try 2c1 rn?
  17. Slick

    Need a Challenge mode mentor

    sweet Spuz, EricPimpi, and 500ryu leggo cmode :D i'm dead tired though not playing as much. Christmas at the post office is hell on earth ;_;
  18. Slick

    Need a Challenge mode mentor

    gotta start somewhere right? lol i'm always on at night if i can make it on and i wouldn't be bothered by pm's and such
  19. Slick

    Need a Challenge mode mentor

    Sounds good to me i'm not a "Seasoned Pro" and know nothing about challenge mode if youre up for it still
  20. Slick

    Need a Challenge mode mentor

    I'm currently online and would appreciate some one showing me how to run ep 2 c mode