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  1. Zeek

    ALLFORONE looking for active players

    That makes two of us!
  2. Zeek

    Greetings from a DC player :)

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to this server but not new to PSO. I've played since ver 1&2, albeit only offline mode. Afterwards some dear friends and I stumbled upon a server which shall not be named ($&#!hack), and had loads of fun... Up until that servers untimely demise several years back. Look...
  3. Zeek

    MEIER's Crypt + Free Stuff ^w^ [Updated 09/06/2024]

    B > Gratia [13/20 | 2/15] - 0,5PD Hero/Ability - 0,5PD NEW My discord username is: Zeek#8596
  4. Zeek

    spflash's Tienda (shop) - (closed, currently inactive)

    Hi, I'm interested in 1 of each for 2 pd's total: Slicer of Fanatic [x/x/x/x] - 15 hit - 1 Raygun [Arrest] 50 hit (x14) My discord is: Zeek#8596
  5. Zeek

    DXY's Trade List

    B> D-Parts Ver1.01 [1/10|7/7] [3S] - 4pd Discord handle: Zeek#8596 Thanks,