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  1. Ender

    Count down timer

    When you want your timer to start, get the starting time in seconds and save it to a register: Where you go from here varies. What Sega usually did was spawn a thread_stg for the timer thread in the floor handler of each floor. The thread_stg can loop...
  2. Ender

    [solved] Crash on connecting

    Are the fault module and fault offset always the same? This is a crash when processing a map's n.rel file. You can find these files in EphineaPSO/data/scene. Specifically, it looks like your map_lobby_01n.rel failed to load. Does this file exist? I assume your install is brand new, so this...
  3. Ender

    Easter Event 2024

    Easter Event 2024 March 30th ~ April 27th The Easter Event on Ephinea has begun! During the Event, you will be able to find Event Eggs dropping from all enemies which can be used in the event shop. The Easter lobby theme is active for the duration of the event meaning Egg Rappies can spawn in...
  4. Ender

    The Easter Event has begun! (イースターイベント開始!)

    Server maintenance has completed. The Easter Event has begun! Event Eggs can drop from any killed enemy. These items can drop at 1/2000 in Normal, 1/1800 in Hard, 1/1200 in Very Hard, and 1/500 in Ultimate. Additionally, they now receive a boost in the RBR quests (+15% with 1 player, +20% with...
  5. Ender

    Server maintenance scheduled for March 30th, 2024 at 21:00 UTC

    There will be a brief server maintenance to update the game and start the Easter event.
  6. Ender

    Just installed Solybum addons, nothing but crashes.

    It sounds like you installed an older version of the base plugin (dinput8.dll) along with newer versions of the addons. There were significant changes to the base plugin 4 years ago, and these changes cause newer versions of the addons to *not* work with previous versions of the base plugin...
  7. Ender

    PSOBB Addon Plugin (Lua UI addons)

    Item Reader - Mag window should show a timer that counts down from 3:30 to when your mag can be fed. It doesn't do anything when it hits 0 other than change the color of the timer. The timer is enabled by default I believe, but maybe there was an option added at some point to disable it? Most...
  8. Ender

    Disconnection issue after valentine event

    First, are you talking about disconnecting or crashing? The title says disconnection but you mentioned 'someone joined which suddenly crashed the window.' The game uses TCP--any break in the connection will cause a disconnect. Multiple players disconnecting at once is strange but I don't see...
  9. Ender


    They can spawn. Valentine's event has 0 impact on this. Server kill counts can be found here: The current counts are Hildebear/Hildelt 26,246,134 Hildeblue/Hildetorr 73,141 Check again in a few hours if you think it's bugged. I also saved a snapshot...
  10. Ender

    Quick question - Quick answer

    Maximum Attack S was incredibly overpowered for powerleveling. The quests are also quite ugly because they frequently break the target limit. It's common to have > 10 enemies in front of you, and you're not hitting the enemies you'd expect to hit. Nobody played these quests for real and would...
  11. Ender

    ReShade Tutorial/Thread (Post Processing)

    Are you sure it does? I just tested with one of my Reshade installs from 2021 and it works. And I know others use it that haven't reported any issues. Maybe it doesn't work for the Direct3D renderer that you're using in the launcher options?
  12. Ender

    Quick question - Quick answer

    The plugin calls the Present method for Lua addons every frame (technically it calls whatever method is specified for the present field in the returned table from the init() method, but I digress). You can start there to see how an addon works. You should eventually end up in ProcessFrame() or...
  13. Ender

    December Disaster 2 wrong floor?

    Oops, I left the room ID change object there even though that little hallway room is blocked off. Will be fixed for next Christmas event. Thanks!
  14. Ender

    December Disaster #2 Random Game Crash in Tower

    Yes, one bad byte can do that. If there is no 'end of file' marker when expected, reading the compressed data stream could go outside of the buffer. Or if a byte is bad and the client gets an invalid size or offset for the copy, it could be reading/writing outside of memory. The client could be...
  15. Ender

    December Disaster #2 Random Game Crash in Tower

    I'm not sure how or where you copied the info looking like that. Did you get this from Event Viewer or something else? Anyway, I can tell c0000005 is the exception code meaning memory/access violation, the psobb.exe lines are application and module, and 0038819b is the fault offset, which occurs...
  16. Ender

    December Disaster #2 Random Game Crash in Tower

    The game loads all textures, models, and sound assets when entering an area. Those quests load more assets when you enter those areas. This is typically an issue caused by custom textures. You said you tried without using any--are you sure you're trying on a new install? If you simply uninstall...
  17. Ender

    Handgun: Guld 25/0/0/30 (CHB-200)

    150 PDs PGF
  18. Ender

    A>Calibur 80hit(finished)

    @sawtoothrat72 I believe this auction already ended with this as the winning bid. This bid was made with 25.5 hours left in the 72 hour countdown, and then there were no bids for two days. Resets apply only in the final 24 hours of the countdown, but there were no bids in the final 24 hours of...
  19. Ender

    Handgun: Guld 25/0/0/30 (CHB-200)

    99 PDs PGF