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  1. Jesús AAK

    Latino World Order

    Buena suerte bro, contact me if need any support. Real g for life, ya tu sabe....como eh, e brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. real hasta la muerte praaaa preaaa.
  2. Jesús AAK

    S> Dark Flow 0/0/30/30/80Hit (Done)

    Title. Selling for the best offer. PM me, only accepting pds. If you interested in it and want make me an offer please take a look first at this auction for further reference: Discord: jesus_700
  3. Jesús AAK

    A>0/0/0/0/70hit Charge vulcan [CLOSED]

    Auction closed due to lack of interest and no bid's. Thanks! ^^
  4. Jesús AAK

    A>0/0/0/0/70hit Charge vulcan [CLOSED]

    Under the game scheme regarding transfers and exchanges of items and in so many years of playing, I do not know that scheme of cents in photon drops, and even in exchanges of high value items it would be much less considerable or reasonable, the scheme of the game that I know is rate or is based...
  5. Jesús AAK

    A>0/0/0/0/70hit Charge vulcan [CLOSED]

    Hello there and welcome Auctioning: As the tittle says the Charge vulcans you always wanted. Picture displayed. Only interesteds in participate directly bidding. Countdown 72 hrs from the first bid / Reset 24 hrs Reserve, starting from 4.500 pds / Accepting only Photon drops, Photon...
  6. Jesús AAK


    Hola estimado @Darka, como jugador que pertenece a la comunidad de este servidor del juego Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst, me complace saludarte al mismo tiempo me alegra que estes por aca! Aprovecho la aportunidad para extenderte mi mano, para brindarte apoyo en lo que necesites y para que tu...
  7. Jesús AAK

    S> Darkflows 75hit Done, Sold. Thanks

    Hello there, Selling Darkflow 0/0/0/0/75Hit = 450 pds Darkflow 0/0/0/0/75Hit = 450 pds Arrest Raygun 0/40/0/0/90Hit = takking offers +450 pds Interesteds send me a PM Discord Jesus_700#8018 Thanks
  8. Jesús AAK

    Selfie thread.

    After a year Jesús is Back!" :lenny:
  9. Jesús AAK

    Amico ^^ Saluti.

    Amico ^^ Saluti.
  10. Jesús AAK

    A> Frozen Shooter 0/35/0/0/45HIT (Closed)

    Title. Res 380 pds. Countdown 48 hours. Resets 24 hours. Get nice Frozen Shooter for your RA. Good luck.
  11. Jesús AAK

    A> Frozen Shooter 0/0/0/0/35 (Done)

    40 pds + 10 Gold badges Good luck.