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    A > 0/65/25/0/0 Lame the Del Rol Le slayer 20 chb/ closed

    20 pd res 24 hour cool downs after first bid excellent lame to take out worm bosses fast thank you
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    B> psycho wand 325 PD

    325 pd is my offer Let me know if can sell me one thank you :)
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    A> 0/0/0/0/45 soul banish

    48 hours Highest bid wins No idea what it’s worth. Probably not too much i am not sure. 5pd reserve Wants PDs thank you
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    B> heaven punisher 320 PD

    Let me know thank you
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    Lost a v101 in ep4 ma4

    A v101 dropped across the little river thing at end of the big open desert area in ma4 hunt party. I couldn’t get to it. I guess the zu fly over side of river and dropped there and now I just spent 10 mins trying to get to it and different things and I can’t loot it. Be careful with those zu ...
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    S> Safety Heart- 50 PDs

    Just spent 55 to make this but realized I didn’t really need it. Although it is an amazing shield. ( 5 for invisibility guard and 50 heart key ). I think 50 is fair to sell. Let me know :) ty
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    B> needle 35-45 hit

    Let me know ty
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    B> Arrest needle or Hell needle 75pd

    Let me know please ty
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    S> PGF

    Let me know offer thanks I’m thinking 50 PDs.
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    S> zanba 35 hit 35 machine 25 pd

    Let me know thanks
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    Still crashing when join games

    Hi. So I’m really trying to enjoy this server. I love everything about it , except it’s driving me insane how when I join some parties my game crashes. No other server does this to me. Just ephenia. I can log in no issues. Join about 75% of games no issues. Make parties 100% of time no issues...
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    B> cent ability

    Let me know if can sell me a cent ability. Will pay what you think it’s worth. I was hoping for 6 pd. Thank you
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    New to server

    Hello, I’ve been playing pso since GameCube days. 2001-2004 or so. Psu on ps2 for couple years. Then infinity on psp for couple years. Then pso2 for a few years. Now I’m back to wanting to play pso. I’m new to blue burst content. I just started on this server and I’m very excited. I really like...
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    I’m new. Crashes when join a game

    So when I was joining games earlier today , I had no issues. Actually I was repeating runs constantly joining a game with a buddy helping me level. Then once he left, I tried joining a open game , and as soon as I clicked on it to join, my whole psobb app crashed, like no error code or anything...