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  1. diemildefreude

    S> Mother Garb 3 PD

    I have two one of these for sale, so help me buy my fucking team logo already.
  2. diemildefreude

    B> Psycho Wand

    I know you're all asking 297-500 PD (@bamboo @mod @Eila.Sanya. ), but consider Supply & Demand and my generous offer below: Photon Drop x250 Event Egg x4
  3. diemildefreude

    *CANCELED*PD Auction> Frozen Shooter 0|0|0|0/30

    Canceled. What good is hording event items if they don't go up in price? 30h Frozen Shooter. I think this was a Christmas drop. Minimum Bid: 50 Photon Drops
  4. diemildefreude

    Gov quest rewards?

    Hey, just finished 2-4 on Very Hard and I didn't receive Shifta and Jellen LV 14: ... artid=2426 I spoke with Irene after killing the boss and speaking to Tyrell, but she just told me to relax. edit: I've been informed only one person gets the reward. I...
  5. diemildefreude

    FOnewm mat plan

    So, having been spoiled by Schthack, where Newmans get 200 mats instead of 150 (though this still doesn't make it easy to max stats), I've had to formulate a new plan for the vanilla experience: ... 1&unit4=4b I don't care about DFP or EVP and want to be...
  6. diemildefreude


    Hello, since the latest patch installed, I've been unable to do anything upon entering the lobby but type. I've tried pressing F11, but it doesn't help. I can't walk around or even pull up any menus. I can only toggle people's names and type and to quit the game I must press the X. Other players...
  7. diemildefreude

    S> 50h Arrest Raygun/Transvestite Plate

    a.k.a. Dress Plate. Raygun stats are 35/0/0/25.50 Also selling: Red Merge Anti-Light Ring Grinders x a lot Booma's Right Arm Amplifier of Deband Amplifer of Foie Amplifier of Zonde Amplifier of Resta Lame d'Argent 0/0/0/25 KC: 1000 or so Monkey King Bar 0/0/0/0.30 Rambling May 0/0/0/0 Frozen...
  8. diemildefreude

    V.I.N.*X-mas Pics*

    Note: I am takinga hiatus from PSO. Chono is acting Master of V.I.N., please address your inquiries to him. In a darker era, on a server full of elitist nerds who ranted about Damage Cancel and Class roles, the noble Force found himself reduced to a servant - nay, a slave - meant merely to...
  9. diemildefreude


    I go by "Goldmund" in-game and co-founded the team "Very Important Newmans" (V.I.N.) on Schthack. Due to Schthack's recent crash and the lack of involvement of that server's administrator, we've been considering relocating elsewhere. You've probably already met some of my teammates...