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  1. RyzaJr

    Quick question - Quick answer

    So I found an Ophelie Seize with 15% hit. Will I be able to transfer that over to Mille Marteaux, or does Heaven Punisher need to be the one equipped? Which weapon's stats transfer over?
  2. RyzaJr

    PC> Ophelie Seize

    With and without 15% hit, please. Thanks.
  3. RyzaJr

    Mia's little shop of horrors - updated 15/09/16

    Hm, I wonder what the going price is for Megid 29. All I have to offer are PDs, H/Minds for your force, and other stuff from my shop.
  4. RyzaJr

    Rare Findings and/or Accomplishment Thread

    Finally found that damn Demonic Fork!
  5. RyzaJr

    ~ Ryza Jr.'s Lil' Shop of Horrors! ~

    Bumping. New stuff!
  6. RyzaJr

    PC> Flapjack Flipper

    With and without hit? Stats are [30/0/15/0|25]
  7. RyzaJr

    What role do you play in a party?

    I like to play support with my RAmar, but I don't like the typical heal slave role of supports. I use my arrest needle to stun, demon's needle to weaken, and snow queen to freeze. I also use gifoie when needed in episode 4 to keep dorphons at bay. I love classes or roles that are more of a...
  8. RyzaJr

    Quick question - Quick answer

    So does Clio double the range of zalure, just like Glide Divine does?
  9. RyzaJr

    PC> Red Ring 182 dfp 253 evp

    Judging from what other people seem to say, and since that seems to be middish range, I guess 20-25 PD?
  10. RyzaJr

    Quick question - Quick answer

    Thanks for the reply. A pity Dark Meteor is too situational. Blizzard needle might be cool then. I have a Blizzard Gungnir 50hit and it hits pretty often, so I can only imagine if it was unreduced. No real interest in Exaclibur. I just think it's too OP and ugly. I use a 40hit Yamigarasu (hell...
  11. RyzaJr

    Quick question - Quick answer

    What are some good, maybe underrated, RAmar weps? I currently have a Snow Queen (no hit) which hits pretty often, two S-rank needles (demon's and arrest), charge vulcans, a hell beam with hit, a charge laser with hit, cannon rouge with no hit, and a charge arms with hit. Any other stuff I...
  12. RyzaJr

    PC> Charge Laser 75h

    I don't know.. I have a Charge Laser [50/0/50/0|50] and it's a great laser. I use it to take down Zu (Can do 1k damage with shifta and zalure). But I'm not sure if it's worth THAT much. I'd pay no more than 5 PDs for it, but that's just my opinion.
  13. RyzaJr

    Quick question - Quick answer

    What are the min and max on the stats of Red Ring? Also, how much is it worth approximately?
  14. RyzaJr

    PC> Ignition Cloak

    Saw from older posts it was about 3 PDs. Is this still the case? Thanks.
  15. RyzaJr

    Quick question - Quick answer

    What specials are reduced on what weapons? Like, is a demon's shot reduced?
  16. RyzaJr

    PC> Rika's Claw

    Stats are 0/30/0/0. Thanks.
  17. RyzaJr

    PC>60h Charge Gatling

    I wouldn't say too much. Considering there are charge weapons everywhere. 2-5 PDs someone might pay for it?
  18. RyzaJr

    PC>55h Hell Laser

    I think I'd say anywhere from 3-5 PDs. I'd agree with 60+ being where the price jumps.
  19. RyzaJr

    ~ Ryza Jr.'s Lil' Shop of Horrors! ~

    I've got 3 now. Those 3 for 6 PDs?
  20. RyzaJr


    Eh, can I get the Centurion/Ability, if not a v101? If both gone, then h/arms would be nice.