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  1. EvilUpholsterer

    A> L&K38 Combat [0/0/0/100|50] [Sold]

    1 Just 1.
  2. EvilUpholsterer

    Quick question - Quick answer

    Nor is this a question.
  3. EvilUpholsterer

    PC> Charge Vulcan H85

    absolutely insane
  4. EvilUpholsterer

    PC\VULCAN SPIRIT 0/0/0/15/65HIT

    I doubt you'd see anywhere near this again though.
  5. EvilUpholsterer

    PC> Vjaya 0/0/35/15/60

    A lot. Definitely auction material, set reserve at around 400?
  6. EvilUpholsterer

    Quick question - Quick answer

    Yes, on FO you also get DoB though.
  7. EvilUpholsterer

    Selfie thread.

    rip sodaboy, i'm sure you made a good snack for that dinosaur
  8. EvilUpholsterer

    Selfie thread.

    classy af
  9. EvilUpholsterer

    A>HU(Done @ 2000)

    1 PD ;)
  10. EvilUpholsterer

    PC\ HELL RAYGUN 0/35/0/0/70HIT

    definitely more than 200
  11. EvilUpholsterer


    If it's hip, I'll do it. 75.
  12. EvilUpholsterer


  13. EvilUpholsterer

    Quick question - Quick answer

    mp all the way
  14. EvilUpholsterer

    A> Excalibur 0/0/20/0/25 (Done)

    i'm out, haha.
  15. EvilUpholsterer

    A> Excalibur 0/0/20/0/25 (Done)

    150 PDs :)
  16. EvilUpholsterer


    I don't think you'd have to worry about something like that, lol. We're a civil bunch (most of the time) :lenny:
  17. EvilUpholsterer

    B> Meseta 400k:1pd (Closed)

    vjaya addiction
  18. EvilUpholsterer

    Former Schtack GC player! Pirotess and Yuki were my main chars.

    I love your pfp, but I hope you don't actually hate geese, cause they're beautiful...