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  1. Rayxanber

    LF> HC Swordsmen Lores

    Alright when are you on and how much do you want?
  2. Rayxanber

    The Invulnerable Vagrant*: Hardcore Items for Normal Mode PDs

    I'll buy that bad boy if your still selling
  3. Rayxanber

    LF> HC Swordsmen Lores

    Just woke up from cryo sleep rocking a Samurai Armor and I'm feeling pretty stupid so I'm looking for about 3 Swordsmen Lore's. Post here if you got any or just talk to me in-game. HC Char name is Hyze.
  4. Rayxanber

    S> Stuff

    Can I get that god/technique?
  5. Rayxanber

    Quick question - Quick answer

    So its gonzo? I can spam Gifoie on my FO all I want and not get bitched at for dmc?
  6. Rayxanber

    Quick question - Quick answer

    I died and went to PSO2 hell. Just updated the game and saw in the patch notes something about a "damage cancel fix code." Whats all this about?
  7. My bank

    My bank

    Its harcore tho lol
  8. Rayxanber

    Free 25 Hit Charge Vulcans

    76 are in stock Just pm if you want one or three
  9. Rayxanber

    Rare Findings and/or Accomplishment Thread

    If your a HC player then come to me, I can get you and every character you need to remake the hook-up.
  10. Pso131176135195953570


    I forgot about this one too
  11. Pso131176098867182234


    I forgot to upload this one in September
  12. Pso131318602046825073


    Thanks SkylyHucasel
  13. Pso131318600992273944


    Thanks Spuz
  14. Rayxanber

    Mutilatedpuppet's Shop - Updated: January 12th 2017

    Is 5 pm or something ok?
  15. Rayxanber

    Mutilatedpuppet's Shop - Updated: January 12th 2017

    Could I get those free Musashi and Yamatos?
  16. Rayxanber

    Spuz's Unsealing & Custom Sranks. (CLOSED)

    Could I request that Zanba, 15/15 Chainsawd, Honeycomb Reflector and 55 hit Charge assault? My Hardcore character is named Hyze.
  17. Rayxanber

    T/ HC items....

    Im poor as hell with my HC char aside from like 5 bronze badges but im still going to request that Kasami bracer, Star Curiass and Jizai for my HUcast. :x crossing fingers for the hookup
  18. Rayxanber

    Hardcore Requests Thread

    I need a small loan of one million scapedolls. HC character name is Hyze, Hucast.
  19. Rayxanber

    What are your biggest PSO pet peeves?

    Pointless/Unusable special attacks *COUGH*Lavisseries,Raikiri,Girasole,Decalog,ProphetsofMotav,prettymucheveryrarethatsforcefocused*COUGH* A sword that shoots beams and can double as a pistol? How fucking great is that! Except... -it takes hp(probably the only real use it has) -its weaker then...
  20. Pso131175896911988512


    A new DMC lord has been born