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    Character Tier List?

    Well, my Tier list is from best to worst: 1. FOnewearl, FOmarl, RAcaseal 2. FOmar, HUnewearl, HUcaseal 3. RAmarl, FOnewm 4. RAmar, HUcast, RAcast, HUmar This is purely based on what I search for in a character and what I find the best character to play with in multiplayer and solo, as I get...
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    Lost items

    no, 35 % on A. Beast The rest is 0. So also 0 Hit.
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    Lost items

    Hello people of Ephinea. This happened just around an hour ago I'd say. I dont know what is happening at the moment but I was with Miong and she gave me a lame d'argent. We were doing a TTF so I could test out how the killcount worked and a Dragon's claw dropped for me in that run. Finding out...
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    What S-rank is a good option?

    I got the hell J-cutter mate, I think I made the good deal! I don't have a v502 yet tho hahaha. just using my v501
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    Spuz's ES Market! [Premade Only!]

    Hey sweety, I would like to buy a S-rank hell Jcutter. If you have one in stock that's great too! I have 80 pds :D I'm looking around if someone else sells em too, as I see you have a waiting list hahaha. (EDIT: SOMEONE SOLD IT TO ME. Ignore my post!)
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    What S-rank is a good option?

    @AzurePhoenix I already knew the guide was there and it was helpfull, but I still couldnt pick hahaha. But I still wanna thank you for linking it. It's the idea that counts. I want to thank you both for responding and the people in the discord, because I have decided :D it will be a S-rank hell...
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    What S-rank is a good option?

    Hello beautiful people of ephinea, I've been holding on to my pd's for a while to save up for a P-wand. While saving up I decided it's better to use the pd's to get a S-rank that will make finding drops get easier. I love to use FO's and my Hunewearl. Rangers.... well I like RAmarl but they're...
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    Auction Tech Disk: Grants 30 (Done)

    Well, I will go to bed. But as soon as the clock ticks 1:18, Arsura wins the auction for 40 pds! Unless someone else would vote, then the auction extends by 24 hours. (what I don’t think will happen tbh). You can just Find me online for the grand auctioning prize, unless you want to set a time...
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    Selfie thread.

    Well this is Aria and Metronomia :D hiii everyone
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    Auction Tech Disk: Grants 30 (Done)

    auction is almost over, around 12 hours left!
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    Auction Tech Disk: Grants 30 (Done)

    40 for the first bid. The countdown has started at 1:18 on the 4th of july 2019
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    Auction Tech Disk: Grants 30 (Done)

    This is the auction for selling the Technique disk of Grants: Lvl 30 The minimum bid : 40 PD's After the minimum bid, the countdown will start of 72 hours. A bid during the last 24 hours extends the bid by 24 hours. Succes at bidding, I hope you'll get it! Much love, from Aria
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    Event rare mob spawn

    hello everyone, I was just wondering if there would be a event with rare mobs spawning more frequently. Or any other thing of a nearing event that would make a psy wand easier to drop (I’m a returning player that really loves psy wand). Its really difficult for me to farm hahaha. And to cough...
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    Cwood's Mag Shop: LV 200 Sato, Nidra, Rati, Kama, 185 Mind Mags!

    Hey Cwood, can I buy a Red FOnewearl mag from you? If I could cell it myself that would be sweet :D. If not then its okay too! My ingame name is Aria. P.S. I'm on the discord server too now, I'm Aria there too XD