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    Basic Guide on How to Modify PSOBB HUD Textures plugin: DDS FileTypePlus
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    How much should a mag cost? Why?

    Much like anything, the value of an item isn't determined by it's selling price, but by what someone is willing to pay for it. It doesn't matter what the seller believes what something is worth (based on expenses, time, profit), not many buyers will respect it because everyone is always looking...
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    FINALLY got new Hard drive installed, buuuuuuuut......

    Indeed. Data transfers rarely work well and cloning is a bit of a juggling act; some programs work better than others. Over the years, I've had much more success restoring from a backup image created within Windows for clients. The drawback being that you lose everything you've added to Windows...
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    HD UI Project by Luthee (a.k.a Eleria)

    First off, I commend you on all the work you've made so far in providing the PSO community an update to the aging UI of this game. Now, when it comes to specifics, ie. the R, I'd recommend providing the image(s) and instructions for those who want those preferences implemented. As a fellow...
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    PSOBB Addon Plugin (Lua UI addons)

    From my experience, it's likely a Windows (driver) issue. I won't touch Windows 11, it's broken. I've had this happen in the past, a few times. Uninstalling the game completely, rebooting my system and then reinstalling usually fixed things. If it still doesn't work, try removing the C++ 2015...
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    A> Imperial Pick 0/0/0/0/55 CHB: 30

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    PDA> Hell TypeGU/Mechgun

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    Gundam007's Shop

    Buy: Dragon Slayer [0/0/0/0 | 60] -> 1pd Imperial Pick [0/0/0/15 | 35] -> 2pd
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    Rare Findings and/or Accomplishment Thread

    First game of the night. (25D) Second game, this dropped. Nice way to close out this HBR, my luckiest month ever since playing on Ephinea.
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    Symbol Art Contest

    Here are my entries. Not so much to try and win, but hopefully inspire. *I've included the parts list, for those who want to recreate them (now).
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    B>Lavis series weapon, variable hit [DONE]

    First Lavis drop ever, since I got onto this server. Sadly, no hit; nowhere near what you're looking for. Funny that the game just before, we both got a Limiter off Kondrieu.
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    S>Amp of Gifoie [Done]

    I'll buy it off you.
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    Ephinea Christmas 2020 Event Thread

    It happened to me last night. I haven't picked anything up but the present and there was nothing added into my inventory, regardless of re-checking and having room. *weird
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    Ephinea Christmas 2020 Event Thread

    Ultimate: - Heart of Devil - TypeGU/Mechgun 35H
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    Stomper's Trade List (PDT)Updated 7/3/2023

    Hey, how's it going? I was interested in a few items, if they're still available. Twin Brand [15/0/0/0|35] 3PD Imperial Pick [0/0/0/15|30] 3PD Rika's Claw [0/0/25/0|35] 3PD TP Material x43 3:1 Round it out to 24PD in total. Transaction: Completed *Thank you*
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    VAL.U Korner [Temporarily Closed]

    Update: The shop is temporarily closed. If you catch me in-game and available, I may still honor a trade. Otherwise, any DM here or on Discord will likely go unanswered. Thank you.