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    Error 903

    Well I only have one idea left 1. open command prompt (quick way: tap windows key, type cmd and hit enter) 2. in command prompt, type "tracert" without quotes then press Enter (please) post results and hope ender-kun saves the day
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    Error 903

    Well...UAC being triggered usually says that the developer took shortcuts or wants permissions beyond what is reasonable (like a hyper aggressive anti-cheat.) A lot of older games have default installation folders that Windows 7/8/10/11 protect as well. UAC not being triggered for Ephinea is...
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    Quick question - Quick answer

    tell them to play Ephinea no
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    Prevent controller inputs when game not focused?

    Not really. If you play the other game with mouse/KB then you can unplug the controller after starting PSO, so PSO only registers controller inputs for most things. If you play PSO with mouse/KB then you can unplug the controller prior to running PSO then it won't pick it up. If you want to...
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    [Side story]Unable to play Soul of Steel's main quest again.

    Been a while since I played this so I can't remember the exact conditions for the true ending. Sue subplot > Clear Soul of Steel > Clear Soul of Steel again for True ending I thought ST did not reset these flags intentionally. So you would always end up with the second version of the quest...
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    Game won't start up because of detected virus.

    Might be some sort of "active" protection scanning your processes that needs additional exemptions. I know BitDefender has several different exemption categories for ....... reasons?
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    Where are the PSOBB settings stored ?

    - The launcher (attached) - option.exe - regedit Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SonicTeam\PSOBB [and the sub Ephinea entry]
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    It's been falling apart for a while but the guides are still there.

    It's been falling apart for a while but the guides are still there.
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    I mean, I guess? It has a good number single player bangers if that is your thing.
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    A weapon has disappeared

    Hard to tell without analysis of the server logs by Ender. Unless BB changed this practice, the item should have been saved to your character in an untekked status when you reached Pioneer 2. I imagine that some new anti-cheat measures were applied to the Tekker so the server knows what it is...
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    Whats you’re favorite level?

    But Spaceship is objectively the coolest map in the game... Tower is part of CCA though, not really sure why you tried to differentiate it while grouping the areas within together. For a total package (not just music + scenery), CCA would beat the rest. Tough call between Jungle East, Jungle...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    i return to this topic to tell you that Ar Tonelico 3 has an amazing story ...... and yeah thats kinda it, maybe some good vocals? dunno why they dumped game play!
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    Phantasy Star Online Episode III Server

    I want to make game bigger, better, stronger, and faster. Actually I just want the user bosses to be more in line with other characters and to address some of the Plus cards. You can trust me, Exo carries me and I look very smart as a result. Maybe I can sleep after this! Castor/User - HP+15 >...
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    Quick question - Quick answer

    Well. SNS will always be more accurate because Normal attacks are by nature. Using NSS is better from being able to start with N at closer ranges, potentially allowing you to be in a position for the next spawn. This doesn't always work out though, specifically in situations where you are not...
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    Quick question - Quick answer

    I think (think, been taking a lot of brain damage lately) NPCs are actually capable of combos but it wasn't used for whatever reason. Otherwise they are stuck doing a tech, very vulnerable to freeze, get stuck path finding, and can't understand the concept of moving anywhere other than towards...
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    8th Anniversary Event Thread

    Matt says Ender will fix it, Ender says Matt will fix it, but I say just play EP3 (just imo though)
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    Quick question - Quick answer