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    Auction deleted
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    Disconnected Six Times Today

    It's happening again. This time, when I reload the game, I get Error No903: Patch Server Connection Failed.
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    Disconnected Six Times Today

    I've been disconnected from games six times today. Any other time this has happened was a network change on my end. Not this time. I've been playing Youtube videos and browsing the internet while the game was running (No different than any other day). Same error message each time: Things to...
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    MPX's Remnants Revamped!!!

    If you're interested in any of the items listed, Message me on here or DM on Discord: Ult_MPX#7835 Will accept Photon Crystals. 1:1 * = Weapons were obtained via Black Paper's Dangerous Deal 2 Quest and have no stats. Weapons: Gladius +18 [Demon's][35/0/0/40|50] = 1PD Raygun +7...
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    Hello. I'm here with a PSA

    This was during Random Attack Xrd REV 1 a couple days ago. An enemy was killed out of bounds and a red item spawned there. No way to get it. Not mad. Not a bug. Not blaming anyone. Just posting this as a heads-up. Make sure all enemies spawn properly in the area. Get your drops, Hunters. Thank you.