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  1. Matt

    Ephinea Challenge Mode Records

    Thinking about this: Runs on Ephinea have no loading (and I suspect this run is too), so times are technically not accurate, should we include times with no loading? I am completely fine with this, but what about others? We could also calculate the "real" value so it can be compared with...
  2. Matt

    Server maintenance complete for November 18th, 2023 (サーバメンテナンス完了 11/19)

    Yes, because the general Linux set up for this game is a Windows 7 prefix without WebView2 (which requires dotnet472) installed. It doesn't matter though, the only thing that changes is you can't see the news in the launcher, and I can't really be bothered changing the installer to accommodate...
  3. Matt

    Quick question - Quick answer

    Yes, you can. 1. Imagine replying to the OP of a question/answer thread from 2015. 2. Imagine being so confident and also being so, so wrong.
  4. Matt

    Section id

    Does your section ID show as Pinkal? Can you give us any specific examples of incorrect drops?
  5. Matt

    Ephinea PSO BB on Steam Deck (Official Thread)

    Yeah it will work, just point Lutris/Steam at the client executables and you should be good. For the plugin, you will need to use unzip from the command line, because Ark seems to have issues with d3d8.dll, not sure why. It's the reason I made this script - installing PSO BB was not *too* hard...
  6. Matt

    Ephinea PSO BB on Steam Deck (Official Thread)

    Is this in-game or on the title screen? Have you played before on the account with a gamepad and your own controls?
  7. Matt

    Phantasy Star Online Episode III Server

    I've been advised to post this here so... but first, a disclaimer! DISCLAIMER: While I am hosting this server, this server has no affiliation with the Ephinea PSO BB server. None of the other staff members have anything to do with this, so if you do decide to play here, please don't message...
  8. Matt

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Speaking of Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart, you *have* to try Sonic Robo Blast 2 Infinity. It's a mod for the game that's inspired by, you guessed it, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity and it is crazy fun. Anyway, apparently I'm...
  9. Matt

    Creating Quests Question

    No idea, never used it. When it comes to completely new maps, they can't be made currently, but even if they could be, Ephinea will not accept anything like this as we're not looking at add content to Ephinea.
  10. Matt

    Creating Quests Question

    The main tool used for creating quests is Qedit, all information about it can be found at Note that you can't create your own quest and then run it on Ephinea, quests have to be put up by the server running it, so you would have to submit the quest and then we accept it.
  11. Matt

    Frozen shooter 0/30/0/0/50

    No problem, I'll lock this and let them re-open. Thinking about it, I will put @Loug's template in the auction rules thread so it's a bit more clear to people when they're posting, and they know exactly what to put.
  12. Matt

    What are the JP people doing differently

    Actually around the times that they are active, there are way more players on Auldrant than there are on Fodra. At time of posting, which is approaching JP prime time but not quite, both Fodra and Auldrant currently have 62 players each. Really though, they just play the same, you'll just see a...
  13. Matt

    Ephinea Wiki Skin Repository

    NOTE: At time of posting (22nd August 2023), there is barely anything on here yet, please be forewarned. Hi, We are starting a central repository for skins and mods on the Ephinea wiki, to make them easier to find and browse, similar to the old Univers-PS website. You can find this page at the...
  14. Matt

    What's the best section ID for each class?

    Only took me several months to actually finish what I was doing and make these pages, but I've used the information here and what I know to create all the class guide pages on the wiki and suggest IDs for every single class. Right now what I've done is: All classes: Whitil for the generically...
  15. Matt

    8th Anniversary Event Thread

    Yeah he is currently temporarily removed, he'll be put back eventually so just hold onto your golds.
  16. Matt

    Quick question - Quick answer

    It's in the guide page linked at the top.
  17. Matt

    sorry just saw this ill get it done asap

    sorry just saw this ill get it done asap
  18. Matt

    8th Anniversary Event Thread

    I've also put up Festivity on the Beach which is available for the entirety of the event.