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  1. Ender

    Quick question - Quick answer

    You're asking about the laser they fire from their mouth? Ultimate, both multimode and one person mode. Saint-Milion 840 Shambertin 882 Kondrieu 838 Anguish also increases set damage.
  2. Ender

    Quick question - Quick answer

    Press spacebar and you'll see a green chat cursor in the bottom left. Type out your message, then press enter/return on your keyboard. If you play 100% on gamepad, you could toggle keyboard controls through F11. Then you won't need to hit spacebar. But this is generally something you don't want...
  3. Ender

    Universal Flags Resource [UFR] (chuzzle threak)

    All of these are technically 'readable' in the client but the flags reader addon is only for global flags. Most of the ones in your post are quest flags (sometimes called pflags, set and cleared by the confusingly named gset and gclear quest opcodes). The quest flags are per difficulty and then...
  4. Ender

    Server maintenance completed for March 9th, 2023 (3/9 サーバメンテナンス完了)

    Emergency server maintenance has completed. We found an issue in the Claire's Deal 5 enemy weapon hit upgrade that could cause item loss under specific circumstances. This issue was introduced on February 26th when we upgraded the server with some backend changes. Nobody ran into the item loss...
  5. Ender

    Server maintenance completed for February 26th, 2023(2/26 サーバメンテナンス完了)

    Server maintenance has completed. A new version of ephinea.dll is available with the following changes. The Bringer's Rifle skin with Heart of Rianov 303SNR was fixed to visually behave like the skin. Fixed a bug caused by the random spawns patch in December. This bug affected a few rooms in...
  6. Ender

    Crashing on entering bosses.

    Is it a crash or a disconnect? If a crash, then try with a base client. Nothing else. If you still crash, then look in Event Viewer under Windows Logs > Application for the Error event and share the trailing component of fault module (everything after the final blackslash \ ), fault offset, and...
  7. Ender

    Ashenbub's HD Textures for PSOBB are incredible!!!!

    Can you share one of the files that should work but you're constantly crashing with?
  8. Ender

    Ashenbub's HD Textures for PSOBB are incredible!!!!

    Are you saying your textures crash on Ephinea or another server?
  9. Ender

    Disconnecting when exchanging item ticked

    Yeah idk, something wrong with event item tickets sometimes. Was this with an item ticket you just bought in an event shop or got from a present or? Typically, the problem goes away after a bit, which makes me think there's something in the item data that the server doesn't like. You could try...
  10. Ender

    Valentine's event started (バレンタインイベント開始)

    The Valentine's event was activated earlier today! This is a two week event where you gain additional RDR for playing in a party with more players. The daily forecast bonuses also apply to everyone in the party. The St. Valentine's quest from Sega is now up on Fodra, Auldrant, and Lumireis...
  11. Ender

    Server maintenance completed for February 5th(2/5 サーバメンテナンス完了)

    Server maintenance has completed and the HBR was changed to Scarlet Realm #2 Endless Nightmare #4 Phantasmal World #2 The East Tower Sweep-up Operation #9 Lost DEMON'S RAILGUN had a small change that fixed some broken waves and added a handful of enemies. The wiki page was already updated with...
  12. Ender

    How long does it take to get a MAG to lvl 200? Is it even possible to get “perfect” stats?

    Mag feeding time really depends on what you're feeding. If you're going for a maximum MIND mag without using any cells and you're trying to be cost efficient with meseta, then you're looking at 36ish hours. If you use a Kit of Mark 3 mag cell on a brand new level 5 mag, about 17 hours to get the...
  13. Ender

    If you have an attack bound to your “Ctrl” set, then release before it connects, it doesn’t actually work

    Just the way the game has been for 22+ years since V1 and probably isn't a bug. Most attacks need a target, and you're doing an action that prevents targeting for the attack. Commonly used to avoid going into guard stance while near enemies.
  14. Ender

    Phantasy Star Online Official Website 2000

    No, it's probably from way before the leaked prototypes/betas. The commercial in OP is from Tokyo Game Show 2000 which was 8 months before PSO's release. The pink disc is pretty much V1... Which makes sense, it was built only a week prior to V1's release date.
  15. Ender

    It seems like weapon skins are like vampires, they do not reflect in mirrors

    This also happens on a vanilla client. Which is interesting. Has to be something in the model data that disables or breaks the reflection.
  16. Ender

    It seems like weapon skins are like vampires, they do not reflect in mirrors

    I think it's an issue with Rabbit Wand's model and nothing specific to skins. I just verified the FO skins and their base weapons work, except for the Heart of Rabbit Wand combinations. But the base Rabbit Wand weapon also has this issue. I'll disable patches to test on my own server later...
  17. Ender

    Quick question - Quick answer

    When they attack, the ATP used in the damage calculations is the minimum ATP and random amount of variable ATP. More information here: The weapon stats are defined in the ItemPMT which exists in the game data for other versions of PSO...
  18. Ender

    Were any changes made to make the life of Force users easier in Ult?

    Male characters save 3 frames when casting techniques bare handed. For lower numbers of casts, unequipped may be better because it could be the same number of techniques cast as using a weapon. But as things take longer to kill, the...
  19. Ender

    Quest update for January 27th, 2022(01/27 クエストアップデート )

    Hello hunters! A few hours ago, two quests created by @No Hit were added to the server! These are the first two quests in a new series called Silent Afterimage. The quests were originally modeled in the Endless Nightmare formula but differ by using different areas. Silent Afterimage #1 features...
  20. Ender

    Ender's trade list

    Yes, let me know (preferably through discord) when you can trade.