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  1. Madstokie

    Cannot get the game to launch on Windows 10

    Hi, I played this version of the game many times about 18 months ago and since returning, I can't get the game to launch. I have tried to put the game into Windows XP Service Pack 2 compatibility without any success. Could one of you please help me to return to this game? My PC uses: Windows...
  2. Madstokie

    Possibility of a Team Bank?

    Hi everyone, Having played the game for about 3 weeks now, one of the features that I immediately loved was the inclusion of a shared bank for your character. Being able to swap mags and all sorts between your characters while alone is an instant winner for me (Thanks for making mats stackable...
  3. Madstokie

    Coren Crash Bug

    Hi, Just to let you know that as of 2am (UTC), a crash immediately happens as you speak to Coren. The circumstances were: Episode 2 Ultimate Difficulty Fodra Server 1 Normal Mode Game was without password I'm using Windows 10 at present. I hope this helps.
  4. Madstokie

    Looking to buy tech disks

    I need the following in particular: Deband Megid Grants Razonde Gibarta The nearer to 30 the better, but any old crap that's 25+ would be great. Thanks
  5. Madstokie

    Hello! from Madstokie

    Hi Everyone, I thought I'd put together the only bit of sanity I have left to say hello, especially as there is an introduction section here. I played PSO all the way back on the Dreamcast when it was good old version 1. Even after being hit with loads of NOLs, being surrounded by mostly...
  6. Madstokie

    Do we have any Magic: The Gathering players here?

    How about some homemade cards for you all to regret the existence of :)
  7. Madstokie

    Configuring Xpadder with PSOBB

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping that someone is able to help me out with a frustrating controller setup problem. I'm looking to assign all standard actions and all 10 hotkeys to an XBOX ONE controller using Xpadder. I'm finding this near to impossible to do. Could any of you help me with this...