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  1. Entropy

    PC> V801

    I'm looking for a roundabout value that's actually up to date; have two sat around doing nothing thanks to all them Pinkal Fiasco runs I've been leading with my friends.
  2. Entropy

    Entropy's (Small) Tradelist.

    Welcome!~ Berserk Calibur 0/35/0/0/50 Charge Vulcan 35/0/0/0/55 Berserk Arms 30/0/0/0/30 Mother Garb (3 slots) 166 DFP, 88 EVP 2x Luck Material 3x Amplifier of Rafoie Heaven Striker Coat. 6x PDs 4x PC I'm only really looking for a moderately high Grants/Megid (like 25ish at least), Jellen and...
  3. Entropy


    Hey y'all. Returning returning returning FOnewearl here. Played BB on Sega servers, then Schthack, then Scht servers again, then found you guys through my brother. Anyway, always down for a game (rerolling sucks because finding techs again.) on EU (I worry about lag and DCing on US ships.)...