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  1. Matt

    Minor Quest Update for 14th March

    Hello Hunters! Just a very quick update as some of you will have noticed the lobby change! The Hunters Boost Road quests have had their timers removed on Auldrant only. These are the New Mop-Up Operation quests in Episode 4 → Extermination The White Day Lobby and SEGA quest have been activated...
  2. Matt

    Maintenance complete for 13th March

    This maintenance has now been completed! The Hunters Boost Road are now the New Mop-Up Operation Series in Episode 4 Extermination. Thank you for your patience! --- Hello Hunters! There will be a short maintenance on 13th March at 16:00 UTC to change the Hunters Boost Road. We apologise...
  3. Matt

    The Halloween Event has begun!

    Hello Hunters! The maintenance has finished for October 25th and the Halloween Event has begun! It will last until 8th November. During the event, you will be able to find Halloween Cookies from any enemy in the game (other than scared rappies and boxes). With these cookies, you will be able...
  4. Matt

    New Quests: Lost FILL CANNON and Lost CHARGE VULCAN

    Hello Hunters! We are proud to add 2 more quests by @Ender to Episode 2 Retrieval: Lost FILL CANNON (Central Control Area et al.) Lost CHARGE VULCAN (Control Tower) We hope you enjoy playing these new quests!
  5. Matt

    Maintenance concluded for October 5th at 18:00 UTC

    Hi Hunters! Maintenane for October 5th has concluded! The Hunters Boost Road has been changed to the Phantasmal World series in Episode 2. We hope you enjoy playing on Ephinea!
  6. Matt

    Server maintenance scheduled for 17th August 15:00 UTC

    Hello Hunters! A server maintenance is scheduled for 17th August at 15:00 UTC. This maintenance is to start the long-awaited Anniversary Event. We thank you for your patience. Other timezones: PDT: 08:00 EDT: 11:00 BST: 16:00 CEST: 17:00 JST: 00:00 We hope you enjoy playing on Ephinea!
  7. Matt

    New Quest: Lost BERSERK BATON

    Hello Hunters! We are pleased to announce the release of a new quest by @Ender : Lost BERSERK BATON! You can find this quest under Episode 4 → Retrieval. It is the Crater quest in the Lost series of quests. There have also been various bug fixes in the Lost Temple and Spaceship quests, along...
  8. Matt

    Summer Scavenger Event 2020

    Scavenger Event 2020 28th June ~ 12 July The Scavenger Event for 2020 has begun! If you're familiar with the event and just want the changes, check the spoiler below! What is the Scavenger Event? In this event, "Section ID Badges" will drop all around Ragol in the various areas. It's up to...
  9. Matt

    Maintenance complete for 14th June

    The maintenance for 14th June is over. The Hunters Boost Road has been changed the following quests: Endless Nightmare #3 Phantasmal World #3 War of Limits #3 We hope you enjoy playing on Ephinea!
  10. Matt

    Server maintenance completed for 11th May

    Hello Hunters! Maintenance has been completed for 11th May. The Hunters Boost Road has been changed to: Endless Nightmare #4 Phantasmal World #4 War of Limits #4 The Easter Event has also ended. We hope you enjoyed it! We hope you enjoy playing on Ephinea!
  11. Matt

    New Quest Update

    Hello Hunters! We have recently added 7 new quests to the game, all created by Ender. Episode 2, Retrieval: Lost SHOCK RIFLE (VR Temple) Lost BIND ASSAULT (VR Spaceship) Episode 4, Extermination Sweep-Up Operation #10 (Crater Exterior) Sweep-Up Operation #11 (Crater Interior) Sweep-Up...
  12. Matt

    Fodra temporarily down due to connectivity issues

    Hello Hunters! Due to the constant connectivity issues on Fodra for the past week, the ship has been taken down temporarily. Auldrant and Lumireis are still available and are not having issues currently. The timers for the HBR quests (Maximum Attack Stage 4 -R-) have been removed on Auldrant...
  13. Matt

    Maintenance completed for 18th April

    Maintenance has been completed for 18th April. Valentine's Event boosts have been re-activated. Raikiri trade-in has been resolved. If you have received the bugged " SWORD" ES weapon, please contact one of the staff members. We hope you enjoy playing on Ephinea!
  14. Matt

    Easter Event 2020

    Easter Event 2020 April 12th ~ 10th May The Easter Event on Ephinea has begun! During the Event, you will be able to find Event Eggs dropping from all enemies which can then be traded or gambled in the event shop. The Egg Shop can be found under Episode 2's Shop category. The rates for eggs...
  15. Matt

    Maintenance completed for 14th April at 17:00 UTC

    The maintenance for 14th April has been completed. The Easter Egg Shop has been added! You can find this shop under Episode 2 → Shop. Information about the full event can be found here: We hope you enjoy the event!
  16. Matt

    Maintenance completed for April 12th.

    Maintenance for 12th April has been completed. The Easter Event has started! During the Easter Event, you will be able to find Event Eggs from monsters which can be traded or gambled for various goodies at The Egg Shop in Episode 2. Please note that the eggs will not be received from boxes or...
  17. Matt

    Maintenance finished for 8th March

    Hello Hunters. The maintenance today has finished. The following changes have happened: - Hunters Boost Road has been changed to the New Mop-Up Operation series in Episode 4. - Sweep-Up Operation quests in Episode 2 have been renamed to #5 ~ #9, and had various fixes. - Daylight Scar, Lame...
  18. Matt

    Valentine's Event has ended

    Hi guys, The Valentine's Event is now over. We hope you enjoyed it! The Easter Event will be coming next in due course, we hope you're looking forward to it. Thanks for playing on Ephinea.
  19. Matt

    Valentine's Event has started

    Hello folks, The maintenance is complete for February 10th! The Valentine's mini event is now up -- playing with others will give you extra rare drop rate, and all your luck bonuses will combine as well. The drop rates are as follows: 2 Player - +5% Rare Drop Rate 3 Player - +10% Rare Drop...
  20. Matt

    Maintenance complete for Feburary 9th

    Server maintenance has been completed for Februrary 9th. The Hunters Boost Road has been changed to Sweep-Up Operation Episode 2! You can find these quests in Episode 2 Exterminate. Thanks for playing on Ephinea!