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    (Towards The Future) Time Attack Event!

    With the prizes being split up, can we submit times for different classes? Like, say someone has the fastest RA time and the fastest FO time; can they win both?
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    PSO-based tattoo ideas?

    I have about 8 backgrounds that switch every 30 minutes, which is why I'm getting multiple tattoos :P Just need to rotate your body every 30 minutes lmao. (Jk, of course)
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    PSO-based tattoo ideas?

    Lmfao. I love how you just threw in that superfluous information in there. If anything, it seems you have a bad taste left in your mouth from a previous relationship, and just want to lash out at whatever reminds you of it. Perhaps you should be the ones hearing the words "have some self...
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    PSO-based tattoo ideas?

    I love you. I love when people make sharp jabs like this XD
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    PSO-based tattoo ideas?

    True true, although, with something like PSO, even a Rappy or Falz would be considered "abstract" because of how small the community is these days. If someone my age ever recognizes my PSO tattoo as such, holy shit, I will probably instantly make them my new best friend XD
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    PSO-based tattoo ideas?

    My friend just recommended Falz on my calf. I may actually talk to my artist about that one; I have runners legs so my calves just might be big enough for falz
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    PSO-based tattoo ideas?

    I honestly might end up doing a RAmarl, a Rappy, or Falz tbh. If anything, I'd prefer people to recognize the game/show/whatever my tattoo is from. I have Arcanine inside of a poke ball on one arm, and jack and Sally on the other, and tbh, I LOVE when people start conversations with me because...
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    PSO-based tattoo ideas?

    So, I plan on getting a bunch of tattoos based off of things that have had huge impacts in my life. Next on the list is PSO, because the PSO series is one in which I've logged the second most hours in throughout my life (only second to Pokemon); although I'm having a hard time trying to think of...
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    Yuffie joins:D

    Hey, I remember playing a a fair bit with you. I was Grim Snipe on SCHT, if you remember me at all.
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    Would like to join the team; I used to play on SCHT a lot; had a level 200 RAmarl with near max gear, so I wouldn't say I'm necessarily nooby, although, I probably don't necessarily know how to "RA properly" for high level teamplay, since I used to just solo farm most of the time. Trying to...
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    PC> Lv100 Mind / Pow Sato (of varied colors)

    Title; I"ve asked around a bit, and heard anything from 6-14 pds for them, can anyone give me a more narrowed down price, or do they actually fluctuate that much in prices?
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    Yeah, I still need to find one. I really miss using it, even though it's supposed to be a "scrub weapon" :P
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    Haha, yeah, that's probably mostly because I used to really enjoy farming L&K38s off De Rol Le, so I just spammed TTFs up through caves, and then restarted :P
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    Oh, hey, I remember playing with you! Welcome to the server, I'm relatively new to it, as well. My SCHT character I played on mostly was GrimSniper, if you remember me at all haha
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    Character transfer help

    Hi, I was trying to transfer my character using the tool. From the way I understand it, I'm supposed to open the character tool that is posted on the forums, and type in schthack.cfg (since I"m transferring from schthack), but when I do that, the program says there's an error, says hit enter to...
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    Long-term PSO player returning. Glad to have found a server that doesn't need any proxies to actually play on :D The community seems great so far. Anything I need to know about this server while I"m here? I've had a 200 before; a max-gear RAmarl (including perfect Red Ring), although I don't...