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  1. NYT Raven

    The fomar myth

    So Im DABbling with the idea of a fomar... Id like the idea of a huney but jus dont wanna rock those short shorts ;P so thats whats got me on the idea of maybe using a fomar 2 get my huney fix. Im aware of the massive limits fomar will have on weps aswell as that gawd awful ata... So guess...
  2. NYT Raven

    Fav srank w/ special combos

    Im curious whats your fav or most valuable srank with specials. Mine hands down would have to be DEMON MECHs :)
  3. NYT Raven

    PC:> liberta kit

  4. NYT Raven

    ID EXCLUSIVE items list

    Heya folks as the title says I would luv a list of all the id exclusive items... Has anyone made a list of ID EXCLUSIVE items yet?? Ifnot lets doooit An example would be... ... skyly with the sjs ... whitill with the milla ... oran with the daylight scar ... viridia with the lk38...
  5. NYT Raven

    ... A tale of guardians...

    Some of you may know/remember me from my countless pod runs early on in this servers infancy... jus mindlessly grinding my way towards a heaven striker until eventually... dun dun dun spoiler my RAcast collapsed!! Never getting that BA gun >_< . After months & months of rest n recuperation my...
  6. NYT Raven

    Making a return!!! Cant wait

    Heya folks its good ole NYT RAVEN from back n the day when the serv was new!! I quit shortly after the first lvl200s were achieved :) (: **miss yu fools** My bestfriend wants 2 get down on some pso which was enough 2 kickstart my return 2 this lovely game and server & community ! My pc will...
  7. NYT Raven

    S> 50H charge laser 2PWR MAT or 1HP

    :lol: selling 50H charge laser 2power mats or 1hp
  8. NYT Raven


    I'm currently in the works of selecting colors for the AGASTYA mag! GREEN FIRST SO COOL Was wondering if the community could help by posting diff colors of the mag, I mostly jus saw green/white/blu/purp on google but I'm interested in seeing them all in their glorious booty!! Thx for the help...
  9. NYT Raven

    B> 1-2x Liberta kits

    Heyaz I'm looking for one Liberta kit! Its my fav mag an i must have it for my ranger and another fer my newly started FO! Post/pm/ ingame chat --NYT Raven--. Let me know what you need! Tyvm
  10. NYT Raven

    B> Last swan

    I'm looking for 1 Or 2 Last Swan handguns I'm out of pcs and pds so I can only barter with items located in my shop **NYT RAVENS RADICAL RETAIL** or pay with MIND / POWER mats. PS: I ALSO NEED a 40+Hit demons raygun -IZaven
  11. NYT Raven

    B>Cheapest Srank Needle

    Heya I'm jus lookin fer a cheapo srank needle. Custom/premade/grinded or not/ let me no. My shop is current can offer w/e's
  12. NYT Raven

    All time fav video game heroes/char

    No idea where this thread belongs butt here goes... So I've been playing with "Pit" often recently n I was jus thinkin it was an old nickname gammertag yada yada, I jus found out that its a legit video game hero he has named himself after and strived to look like, AND I FIND THAT AWESOME aswell...
  13. NYT Raven

    B>star amplifier

    I'm looking 2 buy 1 Star Amplifier, pm or post ur price. Ty -IZAVEN
  14. NYT Raven


    Buying cure/freeze -IZaven
  15. NYT Raven

    -NYT Ravens Radical Retail -

    Heya it's NYT Raven :P All items on the list are CURRENT and will be updated regularly! I also do provide a service doing Gallon shops quest to obtain Hunter/Ranger/Force walls for 2POWER mats or 1 HP mat each Shield... aswell as making Rare mags. Mags I specialize in are...
  16. NYT Raven


    I'm curious if anyone's playing SKYFORGE, I played quite a bit fer a month currently taking sum time off but will deff return. Pretty good for an open beta. Names WHOYOUBE Xxx. Hit me up. Currently playing capped out pally n archer =P LMK if you need tank er pewpews
  17. NYT Raven

    Mag bug?

    heya I noticed this when i went to evolve a mag from 49-50. the mag was "normal" then i deposited it and changed chars for the evo and when i went to take it outta the stash i noticed it had changed.
  18. NYT Raven

    B> H/Arms 10PDs or trade. S>H/PWR 8PDs

    Still looking! please help... I need ata BUYING--- H/Arms. 10PDs or trade Selling--- H/Power 8PDs or trade Paying with PDs or Trade. My items are listed in "Ravens Radical Retail" Located in the trades>trade list sub forum. -IZaven
  19. NYT Raven

    S>Ranger/Hunter/Force walls ... 1PD each!

    Tired of spending time mindlessly playing games in the gallons shop in hopes for a rare shield?? No worries! For a payment of ONE PHOTON DROP ill do it for you! Send me a message on which shield you would like ( 1.RANGER WALL / 2. HUNTER WALL / 3. FORCE WALL ) and I'll have one for you within...
  20. NYT Raven

    Trading MY god mind for a god Power

    Trading my GOD/MIND unit for a GOD/Power unit