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  1. reco

    Back at it again

    Thanks!! It does always feel like I'm coming back from a long vacation whenever I start playing again. I guess that's what happens when you play a game off and on for a decade.
  2. reco

    Back at it again

    Thanks, it's good to be back! And I'm pretty much starting over on a new main, yeah. I'm level 13 now and I've just been doing story quests and mag feeding so doing something other than that with some folks would be pretty awesome. I joined the discord a couple of days ago, I just haven't had...
  3. reco

    Back at it again

    Finally playing again after a year long break, feels pretty good to be back.
  4. reco

    What are you listening to?

    When I play games I usually listen to subdued or ambient shit.
  5. reco

    What anime are you currently watching?

    I was checking out Mob Psycho 100 the other day and it's pretty sick. Lots of cool visual effects and really fun.
  6. reco

    Proper Introduction!

    Yo! Hope to see you in game at some point. What times do you usually play?
  7. reco

    Will it even run

    I play on my laptop and even though it's a pretty decent one, I get noticeable slowdown in places with a lot of shit on screen, especially in later areas. So it could probably run on a netbook, just not very well I'd imagine.
  8. reco

    What's the story behind your name?

    Literally just short for the Recons in PSO. Idk, they're cute and dumb.
  9. reco

    Returning PSO Weirdo

    Thank you so much! I hope I see you online!
  10. reco

    Returning PSO Weirdo

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! This is actually a great idea. I think I'll level a bit on my own first and then give this a shot. I've done TTF a few times years ago but never did Max Attack before, looks fun.
  11. reco

    Returning PSO Weirdo

    Thanks, will do! Seems like I started playing at the perfect time.
  12. reco

    Returning PSO Weirdo

    Hey all, returning GC/BB player here. Going on a bit of a nostalgia trip, I had been playing some old games recently and decided to give PSO a look again since it's one of my favorites. So I was trying out the offline GC version for a while when a friend showed me Ephinea. I was already thinking...