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  1. Loug

    A>Gungnir [Spirit] [0/0/35/0|70] (Untek) [ENDED]

    Currently untekked as seen in the screenshot below: Reserve: 15 PD CD: 24 Hours Reset: 24 Hours Wants: Photon Drops Meseta(400k:1) Gold Badges(1:1) Silver Badges(10:1)
  2. Loug

    A>Foie 30 [CLOSED]

    RES : 50 Countdown : 48h Resets : 24h CHB: 90 o_O I never auctioned anything so I'll do this just for fun. :) Just a little edit since I forgot to specify which currencies/items I am willing to accept: Gold Badges(1:1) S-Rank Hell Shot w/ special and a non crappy name(@75) Limiter(@30)
  3. Loug

    S> items [Closed for Now]

    Feel free to DM me on Discord Loug#7715 Non-rare Weapons(1 PD each or 3 for 2 PDs): Berserk Sawcer+4 0/35/0/0|50 Spirit Sawcer+15 0/0/35/0|50 Gush Calibur+0 0/0/0/35|50 Charge Gungnir+6 0/0/40/0|50 Devil's Gungnir+10 0/35/0/30|50 Demon's Gladius+4 0/0/35/15|50 Spirit Gladius+3 0/40/0/0|50...