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  1. nemo

    Olga Flow not dropping items

    Did a casual RT all the way to to the end and did not receive drops from Olga Flow, not even meseta. Happened to all players in party. Clip of incident: e: Completed second run, three players received an item and one didn't.
  2. nemo

    B> Syncesta

    15PD Send PM or message on Discord.
  3. nemo

    B> HELL Needle

    standard name, paying standard price (10PD ES weapon only, 60PD pre-loaded paid fully in raw PDs) thanks in advance
  4. nemo

    Sale Finished

    I'm looking for a minstat for 40PD because the stats don't really matter very much to me but if you've got something above minstat I'm willing to negotiate the offer to something appropriate. You can directly PM me or contact me on Discord. Thanks in advance.
  5. nemo

    PC> Spirit Diska (0/0/40/0|80)

    Thanks in advance.
  6. nemo

    S> Spread Needle (35 Hit)

    Item has been sold.