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    PDA> Heaven Striker [0/0/0/25l15] DONE

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    Ephinea Christmas 2020 Event Thread

    Daisy chain in common present
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    A>Ophelie Seize [0/0/0/0|30]

    Minimum bid 5pd Countdown 24h
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    Ephinea Christmas 2020 Event Thread

    TypeKN/claw 50h berserk on ultimate
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    A>Sacred Cloth [50/50] [20/20] (Done 50 pd)

    Done. Rugal wins.
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    A>Sacred Cloth [50/50] [20/20] (Done 50 pd)

    Minimum bid 1pd Countdown 24h
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    Linux Tutorial for Playing PSOBB on Ephinea

    Tip: use Gallium Nine for a big performance boost if you're using Mesa. You need to use d3d8to9 or something and override d3d8.dll and d3d9.dll (for example the ENB mod provides both of these). Also tried using d9vk but couldn't get it to work. Anyone else have experience with using it?
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    Time Attack Thread (Vanilla)

    Solo RT. Sub 20 never.
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    Enemies are giving too much xp

    For example VH ep2 multimode Rag Rappy should give 93 xp but it gives 120 (with the current 2x boost it should be 186 but is 240). This is approximately 1.3 times more. Happens both in purist and non-purist mode. Only ep2 seems to be affected by I didn't test extensively.
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    A>L&K38 40ab 45hit

    This has ended. The winner is Aizen.
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    Megid 30

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    A>L&K38 40ab 45hit

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    A>L&K38 40ab 45hit

    CHB This would be close to CHB
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    A>L&K38 40ab 45hit

    Reserve: 20pd Wants: n/ab/h Cannon rouge (prefer ab) 60n+/h Girasole Mag kit
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    PDA> DOB(20|0|30|0 | 45) (Closed)

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