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  1. Niko Reiesu

    I made a HUmar skin in GetAmped 2.

    HUmarGA2 by Niko Reiesu posted Jan 6, 2018 at 7:33 PM Yep. Dunno how many of you play this game, but I started getting into the dedicated skin editor this game has, and made a skin based off of the HUmar from PSO1. Took me about a month to make, mostly due to editing for accuracy and adjusting...
  2. Niko Reiesu

    Does it count if I've been around for more than half a year but not made an introductory post yet?

    ...And got onto one of the highest ranking teams on the leaderboards...? :confused: In any case, hi everyone! I know quite a few of you have seen me already ingame, but I think now's a good a time as ever to make an introductory post. I've been around Ephinea since about mid last year, and have...