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    Need manual installer

    From the FAQ: But the link is dead.
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    RAFOIE 30

    Res: 60pd Countdown:24h 24h reset
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    How to set up shortcuts for FO?

    I haven't played FO much in the past, mostly just HU and RA, so I'm not sure how to set up controls/shortcuts for FO. Does anyone have examples of how they've got their fo controls set up? The problem is it seems the numbers 1-0 on keyboard aren't enough for the amount of techs you need to use...
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    B>Red Sabre [Machine]

    Looking for a Red Sabre with at least 50+ Machine. PM me.
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    B>Yasminkov 9000M

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    B>Meseta 3pd/999'999

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    S>Red Ring, V502, V101, More...

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    Tidy the floor

    I know the suggestions forum is closed, but I wanted opinions on this nonetheless. There are now a whole bunch of quests which have many enemies (mostly non-vanilla quests), and thus the floor can get ridiculously cluttered. Even to the point where attacking without picking up crap accidentally...
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    How to change mouse pointer?

    How do I change the mouse cursor? The default small blue pointer is difficult for me to see (I have bad eyesight). I just want it to use my default windows cursor ideally, instead of changing to the blue one.
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    How to make shortcuts for slots?

    I assume it's possible to have multiple shortcuts on my desktop for different character slots, by targetting online.exe and changing the command line parameter for each shortcut. i.e shorcut1 - slot1-4 shorcut2 - slot5-8 etc This would speed up the process of switching between slot groups...
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    B>HoD/Item Ticket