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  1. Ender

    Server maintenance completed for August 10th, 2022 (サーバメンテナンス完了 8/10)

    Sorry for the short notice on both of these restarts, but we had to fix a bug that was reported today. Two other changes occurred with the second restart. The price of Photon Filter in the Anniversary Shop was changed to 35 Gold badges. The drop rates for Photon Filter were also buffed. Oran...
  2. Ender

    DLL Error

    Ephinea.dll has a new dependency on d3dx9_43.dll. Can you try installing this DirectX runtime and see if it resolves your issue?
  3. Ender

    Server maintenance concluded for July 29th, 2022

    Nevermind, I'll PM you.
  4. Ender

    Server maintenance concluded for July 29th, 2022

    Do you see anything in EphineaPSO\log\dllerror.log for when your game closes like this?
  5. Ender

    Server maintenance concluded for July 29th, 2022

    Fixed now. Login was put under maintenance briefly to update some files.
  6. Ender

    Server maintenance concluded for July 29th, 2022

    You use the Photon Filter on the equipped item and it changes its photon color to the next in the list below. The list wraps back around when you use a Photon Filter on a weapon that's at the "Color: White" part. Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, Rose, Chartreuse, Mauve, Cyan...
  7. Ender

    Quick question - Quick answer

    BA: Spaceship and Palace are designated as Mine 1 and Cave 1 respectively.
  8. Ender

    Account apparently got hacked, (resolved, im just dumb)

    We never purge any accounts. There is no way to delete characters in an account, only recreate. If you found only one character on that account, then you should make sure you checked the other character banks by trying all of the different slots in the top right of the launcher). If there are no...
  9. Ender

    Disconnection after Photon Blast

    It's probably an issue on your end. I had a similar issue for years. See this thread and the thread I linked in my reply there: For Photon Blasts, I used to type a message every few seconds and...
  10. Ender

    Does Rage de Foudre actually... exist?

    Yes it exists. All four of the "Rage de" weapons were originally named "Rage de Feu", which is confusing because they're four different weapons and there was no way to tell which is which when trading. You just had to take the other player's word for it. So they were renamed in December. If you...
  11. Ender

    Crashing while scrolling through bank.

    New DLL should be up with the fix for this. It was an issue with patches checking for Thirteen's equipment set bonuses. Affected only Izmaela and the ultimate Challenge mode Slicers if you had Thirteen equipped (meaning you were in Sandbox for the ultimate cm weapons).
  12. Ender

    Sometimes it is not possible to start the game from the launcher.

    Are you running online.exe from a shortcut? What happens if you go to the folder where psobb.exe and online.exe are located and run online.exe from that folder?
  13. Ender

    Server maintenance completed for July 2nd, 2022. (サーバメンテナンス完了のお知らせ)

    Server maintenance has completed. The Hunter's Boost Road was changed to Mop-up Operation #3 The East Tower Sweep-up Operation #8 New Mop-up Operation #5 Sweep-up Operation #12 The Sweep-up series of quests have been translated to Japanese. A new launcher (online.exe) was uploaded. Your...
  14. Ender

    Server maintenance concluded for June 25th, 2022 (6/26 サーバメンテナンス終了)

    PDs aren't rare drops. They're just tools with red boxes. Scapes for hardcore characters aren't rare drops either. They're just tools that have a little announce message for the party. Both drops happen because the server failed event/global drops, passed DAR, failed rare drop check, failed drop...
  15. Ender

    HD UI Project by Luthee (a.k.a Eleria)

    Looks great. Only issue I found in minimal testing was this corner piece at 130% hud, 1440p. I'll be adding these files to the data/ephinea/custom folder in a future DLL update. The launcher will still overwrite the ones in the data/ folder, but the custom folder takes priority when loading so...
  16. Ender

    HD UI Project by Luthee (a.k.a Eleria)

    I honestly don't know about the format ID. That custom_files wiki page is for ItemModelEP4.afs, ItemTextureEP4.afs, and the custom bullets.xvm. It doesn't support anything else yet, but even if it did, it's not really intended to extend type of files that the game can load. It's just a way to...
  17. Ender

    HD UI Project by Luthee (a.k.a Eleria)

    Can you even go up to 8x? I thought NJTL has a max size of 1024x1024 and most/all of the hud images are 256x256 already.
  18. Ender

    Quick question - Quick answer

    Pan Arms don't split when up against a wall or confused. Using confusion to your advantage is the way to go because you can't rely on them being up against a wall (very few quests do this and it happens usually in just Challenge). You can also confuse an already confused Pan Arms to refresh the...
  19. Ender

    Suggestion about controller mapping of the map function. (ctrl+m) + (/map)

    Sorry, not going to happen. While I can figure out how to implement new entries to that menu and make them toggle /map like ctrl+m, it's a fair amount of work and testing. It would also require server changes in a handful of places. And then other players would ask for it for /cam or /hud (or...
  20. Ender

    PDA> Vjaya [0/30/0/0|45] (DONE)

    Reserve: 5 PDs 24 hour countdown after reserve 24 hour resets