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  1. ninjaratchet

    PDA> Liberta Kit [CLOSED]

    Reverse: 10 PDs Countdown: 24 hours Resets: 24 hours
  2. ninjaratchet

    B> Red Ring

    Feel free to make an offer.
  3. ninjaratchet

    Ninjas small PD-Shop [Updated 16.3]

    Hey there, Ninjaratchet here to sell some stuff! I preferable accept PDs due to S-Rank Specials. Following are the lists of items I currently sell. Message me on Discord, in case you want to speed up the trading process!
  4. ninjaratchet

    A> Lavis Cannon (15/15/0/0|0) [CLOSED]

    Reverse: 8 PD Countdown: 24 Hours (Starting 14:00EST)
  5. ninjaratchet

    S> Zalure Gun (Blank) - 9pd CLOSED

    This is a s-rank gun named 'zalure gun'. It has no special. Usually these cost more then 10 but I'm allright with 9 :)
  6. ninjaratchet

    B> V101 (CLOSED)

    Giving 15pd ;)
  7. ninjaratchet

    S> Meseta (CLOSED)

    1kk = 3pd 5kk = 12pd 10kk = 20pd
  8. ninjaratchet

    B>Heavenly/Battle (CLOSED)

    If somebody got a heavenly/battle, I'd buy it ;)