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  1. Thomas

    A> Love Heart [44/50] [0/20] [DONE: 99PD]

    Res is 40 PDs 24h countdown and resets. Thank you for looking at my auction. :D
  2. Thomas

    PDA> Yasminkov 9000M 0/0/0/0/40 done 150 PDs

    Reserve: 20 PD 24 Hours from CHB.
  3. Thomas

    A> Heaven Striker 30/0/0/40 [done 5PD]

    5 PD res 24h resets Thanks
  4. Thomas

    PDA> D-Parts ver1.01 [10/10 | 7/7] [4S] [DONE 20PD]

    5 PD Res 24h resets Thanks
  5. Thomas

    A> Red Odoshi Domaru [10/10 | 10/10] DONE 1 PD

    Wants: PD/Gold Badges 1:1 Reserve: 1 PD 24 Hour countdown and resets
  6. Thomas

    A> S-Parts ver2.01 7/7 7/7 perfect [FINISHED]

    I've owned this item for a very long time. Decided I would auction it off now. :D Reserve is 1PD! 24 hour current highest bid
  7. Thomas

    A> 0/0/35/0/65 Charge Raygun

    Reserve is 40 PDs Not interested in sranks looking for PDs and units (502, 801, 101) auction will be 48 hours when reserve is met
  8. Thomas

    Improvement to auction threads.

    Hey there. Many people make auction threads in the trade forums to gauge how much their item is worth or to see if it makes more than they originally thought. Some people will place a bid then retract their bid which is unlike any auction in other games, or any auction in real life. Would it be...
  9. Thomas

    Admins are offline, post lewds

  10. Thomas

    B> SoF non-hit

    Looking to pay 3 PDs. Thanks.
  11. Thomas

    Spider Shop

    Weapons: None Armor/Shields: None Units/Consumables: De Rol Le Shell - 1 PD Luck Mats - 1 PD each (9 left) TP Mats - 1PD per 2 (1 set left) Techs x2 for 1 PD: None My in-game names are Thomas, Ticklebutt, and VOLTRON. GC: 42001434 Thanks for stopping by!
  12. Thomas

    B> S-Red's Blade

    Looking to pay 6 PDs. Thanks! In-game name: Thomas
  13. Thomas

    S> Ruby Bullet 40 hit

    I'm selling my Ruby Bullet for 4 PDs or something else like heavenly/battle or smartlink. Thanks.