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  1. Suzaku

    Suzaku's Shitty Sales. Seriously.

    Witty title aside I haven't been on the server long, but here's some stuff I wanna sell off to people. I'm not good with prices, so just throw em at me and I'll probably say yes. Most of this stuff is worth ~1PD anyway. Melee Charge Gladius 0/40/0/45/45 Berserk Calibur 45/0/0/25/45 Hell Gungnir...
  2. Suzaku

    PC> BOVN

    Just got this off a del rappy in a purp room. No slots. No clue how to read its stats.
  3. Suzaku

    What's the point of Greenill here?

    I'm not trying to troll or anything, I'm just really curious as to the point of running a Greenill here on this server. I chose this ID because it was what I had back in the GC days, unknowing that the drop tables are so.... bad here. It's far past the time of switching my section ID to...
  4. Suzaku

    Reliving the good ol' days.

    Hey there everyone, Suzaku here. Been playing PSO since it came out on Dreamcast back in 2000, back when the entire games population was the ENTIRE WORLD (6,000,000,000). Shitty reference to the original commercial. Back then it was a big deal. Anyways, I joined this server with a long time...