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  1. EvilMag

    The PD Store

    I accept PDs. I also accept Gold Badges Non-Rare 50h Charge Gigush x8 1PD each 50h Charge Berdys x7 1PD each 50h Charge Sawcer x13 1PD each 30h Demons Laser 1PD Rare Weapons: Dragon Slayer 35h 1PD Diska of Bravemen 15/0/0/0/30 3PD Diska of Bravemen 45/0/0/0/20 1PD Diska of Bravemen...
  2. EvilMag

    Does anyone have the program that lets you swap weapon models/textures?

    I don't remember the name of it. I used to do this a while back.
  3. EvilMag

    PC> More Things

    30h Arrest Laser 30h Demon's Laser No Hit Chain Sawd 40h Gulity Light Slicer of Fanatic no hit Clio Thirteen no slots Last Swan S-beats Arms Event Egg Red Amp Wondering.
  4. EvilMag

    PC>Some charge stuff, hit dobs

    50h Charge Gigush 50h Charge Berdys 50h Charge Sawcer 45/0/0/0/20 DOB 15/35/0/0/20 DOB 15/0/0/0/30 DOB 35/0/0/0/30 DOB would really like to know :D
  5. EvilMag

    Virtual Fullscreen?

    Since Alt+Tab crashes the game in full screen and since no one knows how to fix this I'd say settle for the next best option...Virtual Fullscreen option?
  6. EvilMag

    Increasing the Meseta cap?

    I wonder if it may be possible to increase the Meseta cap? It would be nice to see if meseta could be an actual currency.
  7. EvilMag

    Old Man's Death Place (Trade list)

    Small shop w/e give me up some offers. Wants: PDs, PCs, Power Mats, God/Battle, Heavenly/Battle, v101, BOVN, Chain Sawd, (non hit is fine no machine) Red Sword (non hit is fine no machine), Non Rare Spirit Buster 0/20/0/0/20 Spirit Berdys +3 25/0/0/0/30 Charge Spinner +3 0/0/0/0/25 Charge...
  8. EvilMag

    Unlocking solo quests?

    Been a long time since I last tried doing all the solo/offline quests and I'm wondering how do you unlock the rest? These are what I've done.
  9. EvilMag

    Hello and stuff

    Just wanted to check out this server. Hello everyone.