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  1. brokenpromise

    A>30/0/0/0/60 Charge Vulcan

  2. brokenpromise

    Why does it say Exp Rate is 150% when I join a game I create on Normal?

    there are weekly boosts that rotate in and out and this week is experience boost
  3. brokenpromise

    S> Few things

  4. brokenpromise

    S> Few things

    Bump, finally did some bank sorting and added some stuff.
  5. brokenpromise

    S> Few things

    bump added v502
  6. brokenpromise

    S> Few things

    Vjaya 40H 2 (sold) Charge Diska 50H 1 Charge Diska 55H 3 C Vulcans 50H 1 pd Hell Raygun 50H 1 Hell Raygun 55H 3 (sold) Demons Raygun 55H 3 Charge Raygun 60H 40 Hell Lazer 50H 1 Vjaya 40H 2 (sold) Charge Spread 65H 32 Charge Arms 60H 40 Slicer of Fanatic 25H 7 (sold) Typeme/mechs 15 Jizai...
  7. brokenpromise

    B>es handgun zalure (done)

    Np, I have one named "A" gun with special can sell for 75
  8. brokenpromise

    S> DoB [0/0/0/20l50] 125 PD (SOLD)

    Discord = brokenpromise#7197
  9. brokenpromise

    B>es handgun zalure (done)

    do you care about the name?
  10. brokenpromise

    A> Dark Flow 50/0/50/0l50

    Countdown started. 8:39AM US Central