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  1. Suzaku

    Logalog's Shop - Updated 1/15/19

    Master Raven [Master's] [0/0/0/0|0] I'll take this for 5PDs if you're around.
  2. Suzaku

    Joker's Shop - closed for update!

    Master Raven [Master's] [0/0/0/0|0] I'll take it for 5PDs!
  3. Suzaku


    I'll take those 2 H/arms for 6 PDS! (lowkey im broke AF so if I can get em both for 5 total that's be great.) I should be home around 5-6PM PST (GMT -8) if you're on around then. You can also hit me up on discord Suzaku#3068
  4. Suzaku

    Reliving the good ol' days.

    Never forget
  5. Suzaku

    Quick question - Quick answer

    Are Sandbox account character kills counted towards the permanent milestone event?
  6. Suzaku

    Suzaku's Shitty Sales. Seriously.

    Sounds great! I'll be on for the rest of the day, I'll shoot you a PM and what not. :)
  7. Suzaku

    Quick question - Quick answer

    We did a few runs with a purp id and no luck with the branches on quests that have good amounts of gigoboomas. We seem to cash in better from random 10pt boss drops from ttf such as guilty light and mahu.
  8. Suzaku

    Quick question - Quick answer

    What's a good way to get a good amount of PDs and/or Team points? We only have 7 undergeared team members and its a struggle bus to get 1500 points for PoD.
  9. Suzaku

    Suzaku's Shitty Sales. Seriously.

    Witty title aside I haven't been on the server long, but here's some stuff I wanna sell off to people. I'm not good with prices, so just throw em at me and I'll probably say yes. Most of this stuff is worth ~1PD anyway. Melee Charge Gladius 0/40/0/45/45 Berserk Calibur 45/0/0/25/45 Hell Gungnir...
  10. Suzaku

    Hello, I'm new to Ephinea and thought I'd introduce myself!

    That name sounds familiar, but I doubt you know and/or remember me. Regardless, welcome to the server, hope you have a good time here. :) If you see someone named Suzaku rocking that AWESOME Greenill ID, be sure to hit him up if you need help with anything. See you in game!
  11. Suzaku

    PC> BOVN

    I was looking to use it as trade fodder for a V101...
  12. Suzaku

    PC> BOVN

    Just got this off a del rappy in a purp room. No slots. No clue how to read its stats.
  13. Suzaku

    Trader John's & S-Ranks

    Arrest Laser 50H 1 PD Charge Arms 25A50H 0.5 PD Charge Gladius A40D45H45 0.5 PD I'd like these if you can. 2PDs
  14. Suzaku

    Miso Soup's crap

    How much for that God/Power?
  15. Suzaku

    What's the point of Greenill here?

    I appreciate the detail in your post, NDW. I don't really think I have the time and resources to make another account with "good" IDs, especially with the 2x exp gone now. And based off of your detailed review, most of those items that are worth getting aren't what you would put in a level...
  16. Suzaku

    What's the point of Greenill here?

    Nyanstar, I'm reading your replies and while all of that is true, most if not all players on the server have an abundance of those early on weapons that make Greenill drops that much more pointless. Just like what anime said, just get a charge arms and you're good. I'm all for trying to justify...
  17. Suzaku

    Antonymous Tradelist 9/5/2016

    I see that you're online, but I don't have your card nor access to the room. I'd like to pick up those weapons if possible. :)
  18. Suzaku

    What's the point of Greenill here?

    Haha I know you're joking, but its even more sad that Whitill can do the exact same thing for you AND have better drops.
  19. Suzaku

    What's the point of Greenill here?

    It just sucks because it makes me want to reroll a character just to not be on this ID, but I'd lose all the time I've invested already.
  20. Suzaku

    Cookie's Bakery - various items, S>500k=1PD

    I'd like to take: DB's Shield (67, 67) free Custom Barrier Ver.00 (min) free Charge Arms 0 0 0 25 | 45 1PD Charge Vulcan 0 0 30 0 | 45 1PD Is there any possible way to get those charge weapons for less than 2 pd? I haven't been getting lucky with the drops. I do have some meseta though.