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  1. Theria

    A> Diska of Braveman [0/20/15/0|45] (Closed)

    Reserve: 20 PDs Countdown: 48 hours Usual 24 hour resets. Thanks!
  2. Theria

    B> Red Ring (Done)

    Done, thank you!
  3. Theria

    B> Clio (DONE)

    Edit: Done! Title, can contact me here, or dm me. Discord is Theria#2584
  4. Theria

    A> Razonde 30 (SOLD)

    Sold to @Arsuru at buyout price! Reserve: 30 PDs Buyout: 70 PDs Wants: PDs, PGF (35 PDs), Type/ME Mechguns (6 PDs), S-Parts Ver2.01 (14 PDs) 48 hour countdown w/ 24 hour resets
  5. Theria

    B> V101 (RESOLVED)

    Buying V101 for 14 pd and 2 pc