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  1. Harborer of Hope

    Missing Mew

    Greetings Beloved Ephineans~! For those wondering where their mew mew had disappeared to, these past few days...she's out of town at the moment. And will be back haunting the lobbies and lurking for nooblets in a few days. She's praying her fellow Guardian Angels/Plushies can take up her slack...
  2. Harborer of Hope

    Stmbled on this while wandering Youtube!

    Reminded mew of our own Jyuki-chan's Avatar and just about EVERY Fembot on PSO~! XD!! <3
  3. Harborer of Hope

    H.....HEY!?.......Techs casted on leaderboard?

    Da HELL??? Techs casted on leaderboard went POOF???? Mew had pride herself for Years on being the ONLY NON-FO Warrior to had been listed on this revered its GONE???? *Looks around in a Panic!* =(
  4. Harborer of Hope

    Torrs being poo heads lately?

    For the past few weeks, mew's been getting a few in game mails of Torrs dropping.....NOTHING.... a LOT! lol. Just wanted to voice the cries of the crowds~! KTHNXBAI! <3
  5. Harborer of Hope

    Prayers and Positive vibes for our Nippon Community~!

    Typhoon Hagibis looks like it's gonna be a Nasty storm if it hits the main island! Mew tends to get a lot of well wishes and prayers when a hurricane is barreling down on her neck of the woods...Now let's send some of this Love and Energy towards our Japanese players! 気を付けて! Ganbatte...
  6. Harborer of Hope

    Wanted to share~!

    Saw this little guy at a Target store today and thought out loud "This would make an AWESOME MAG!"
  7. Harborer of Hope

    Heeeeeey....Can't use old animated Avatars anymoar????

    Mew had recently tried to replace her avatar wiff her old animated cat on keyboard one....then it said "Error...need to be smaller than 97.7KB.". Was there some recent update that lowered the KB settings?
  8. Harborer of Hope

    Love is in the Air~~...or IS it? ....

    With Valentines fast approaching, aaaand knowing any forthcoming Easter Event if any will be a labor of love and effort...Mew'd like to know if by chance we can has the White Day quest avail after Valentines ish over? Not sure what the routine was for it...but this kitty was...
  9. Harborer of Hope

    SEGA Devouts will like this sighting.... =3

    Mew was driving by one of her shopping plazas and noticed the only rare actual "Arcade" places was open, so she decided to pop in and check it out for herself....and she saw....THIS!.... VIRTUAL ON Dueling seats! Squeeeeeeee!!! =3!
  10. Harborer of Hope

    A Tiny worried voice of concern for a fellow player....

    As many of you may be aware...Hurricane Harvey is destined to make lives Miserable in its wake. One PSO player among us has mew biting her claws in worry... His name is Testament and if mew remembers his postal address correctly....He's in the direct path of that slow growing monster! So mews...
  11. Harborer of Hope

    Spring is in the Air! <3

    Any chance our Lobby can has the Sakura Cherry Blossoms til we get our Easter seasonal stuff? PWEASE? =3
  12. Harborer of Hope

    PSG Warning!!! >=( HC Trolling?????

    It has come to mews attention that there are some Trolls among our community that "bait" and or purrposely troll our HC players into dying! Then laughing at their death banners.... This is NOT acceptable behavior in our PSG Family and if your Mew finds out you're among them... you will be...
  13. Harborer of Hope

    PSG.....time to trim it up..... =o.O=

    One of the first rules to any good leadership roles... is not Not make any redical or immediate changes without consulting the masses. The PURGE is COMING... but mew'd much rather NOT make it a slash fest and lose 75% of the team. There are obviously loved ones mews known for years that wont get...
  14. Harborer of Hope

    That wonderful time of Year!!! <3 <3 <3

    It's that Wonderful time of year when the old favorites come out in stores! Mews HAPPY!
  15. Harborer of Hope

    YN-0117.....ok now what? =3

    Was asked all night what was this new red shiny Soda-samas awarded us? Tried googling it and was a bit perplexed.... Sooo What do we do wiff it? TIA!
  16. Harborer of Hope

    Impromptu dedication to our RAnger family members <3.....

    Mew had stumbled upon an interesting Nightcore song and decided to take it a little more seriously and looked up the original version. The more mew read the lyrics the more she realized ..."Hey, this has romantic PSO Mems all over it!" =') RAngers don't get enough love, so mew'd just like to try...
  17. Harborer of Hope

    Shout out for Quela-chan! =3

    A little overdue shout out for Quela here on our Happy Home of a server! Without whom, mew wouldn't be half the Happy helpful soul she is! For the past few weeks Quela-chan has been helping mew help the new players wiff mag money FUNdage and support. THANK YOU Quela-chaaaan! Mew thanks you and...
  18. Harborer of Hope

    Odd bug...Can't reply to mail or search. =(

    Had noticed this a while back, but now its getting on mews nerves...If someone mews given her card to mails her...she can't search or reply to them. Even if the purrson is Right In Front of mew, their mail search result doesn't show so mew can't reply. Just figured mew'd bring this up. A new...
  19. Harborer of Hope

    Wanna Share a mewish giggle! =3

    More than often and for years, when mew spots an FO party member with a pom pom hat...she's always had a ritual. Forgot about this clip from Shrek the Halls involving Puss in Boots. It's at the :29 second mark XD!!
  20. Harborer of Hope

    Eeeeee! Mew was RIGHT! XD!

    For months/weeks mew's been vexed over where the music disc "Flight" came from as it kept plucking at the happy cords of her gaming memory....MOST people would say "Skies of Arcadia" prolly because it has that lofty energetic rift...But, mew distinctly remembered a unique sound affect during...