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  1. guybasil

    s > s-parts v2.01

    hmu w/ an offer.
  2. guybasil

    b > v101 (25pds)

    read the title, i got the dough if you can show me the stuff. .n.
  3. guybasil

    increase length of party names?

    Have all these cool party name ideas, only to be cut short at the party creation menu (u.u) was wondering if there was a way to add extra characters to the maximum length, or if it was "hard-coded" into the game.
  4. guybasil


    5:1 rate, find me in game or mail me when you could be available for trade (Lookin for 100)
  5. guybasil

    S> Master Raven (5PD's)

    mail me or find me ingame. [n.n]
  6. guybasil


    mail me or find me ingame
  7. guybasil

    Fantasy Music League

    As the title implies I'm starting a fantasy club, similar to fantasy football/baseball clubs but for music. I'll start with my "legendary" lineup. [n.n] (I tried to make sure all musicians were alive for mine, but feel free to craft yours how you please, if you feel like doing a differrent...
  8. guybasil


    I've seen a few people posting about streaming around the shoutbox and stuff. I figured I'd make a thread so people can post when and what they're streaming. Just so if anyone wants to stop by they'll know a little while ahead. [.n.] (ps: would anyone be interested in checking out a dino crisis...
  9. guybasil

    S > S-parts Ver2.01

    18 pds
  10. guybasil

    Guy's Affordable Emporium (Spend your MESETTA here!) [n.n]

    The value translator: 333k Mesetta = 1pd - 1pc = 2 pds SHOP IS CURRENTLY CLOSED Ano Bazooka [0/25/0/40|0] Kusanagi [0/0/0/35|0] Soul Banish [0/35/15/0|0] Final Impact [0/0/0/0|30] Berserk Diska [0/35/0/0|30] Hell Raygun [0/45/25/0|40] Ruby Bullet [0/0/0/0] Zanba [0/0/0/0] Brave Hammer...
  11. guybasil


    Selling a Proof of Sword Saint. Post, PM, or find me in game. .n.
  12. guybasil

    Guy's Mini-Mart

    You know the deal: Mesetta (1 stack = 999 999) or PDs (1pd - 333k) ·u· - L&K 38 [0/30/0/0] - Fatsia [15/0/15/0] - Flame Visit [0/0/0/0] - Light Relief [???] - God's Shield "Seiryru" [???] - Yata Mirror [???] - Yellow Barrier [???] - Stink Frame [???] - Amplifier of Blue -...
  13. guybasil

    s>d scale(s)

    3x D scales also: 1x rappy's beak
  14. guybasil

    s>grants 28

    found this puppy yesterday - i dunno how much its worth (someone said 4 pds so i dunno - hmu with offers)
  15. guybasil


    n.n is love, n.n is life.
  16. guybasil

    Team vs Team - Soccer Showdown!

    Just throwing this out there, but we should do team vs team soccer game [n.n] Can use this thread to setup games / teams / times / etc... (Doesnt have to be your team, can setup your own personal teams) Your team/mates: Opposing team/mates: Time/Day of the Game: Team Ladder: None yet. [n.n] I...
  17. guybasil

    Cursed Souls

    We are the dark sign team, you may have seen us running around. [n.n] Our glorious team leader is: Ghost / Nightshade / Ether-buns / countless others... :p Current Members with Recruitment Powers: GuyBasiil [Guy] Sassy [Rezer-buns] Ayanami [???] Peppercat [Bee] Hydro [Hydro] Christina...