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  1. Dreamcaster

    Broken link for the Jukebox in the Info Thread?

    Seems like the link for the Jukebox topic in the Ephinea Information Thread is broken and is redirecting people to this instead of the proper page.
  2. Dreamcaster

    PSOBB.QC (FR) is trying to gather PSO players from Quebec and bring them to Ephinea. :)

    Hello everyone. I recently started playing PSO on the great server that is Ephinea and decided to start a new team instead of joining an already existing one. There are a few reasons for this decision and I wanted to explain them quickly here. - First of all, I want to make it clear that this...
  3. Dreamcaster

    Back to PSO... again. :D

    Hello everyone. I recently discovered Ephinea while watching videos about PSO on Youtube and decided to give it a try. I played Ep1&2+ a lot on my GC a few years ago but never had the chance to play online until now... well, played just a bit on Schthack before it went down a few months ago. I...